Anonymous letter to Billy Molloy ( Niall’s brother )

Dear Mr Molloy,

i feel I must write to you. I happened to be at the wedding in Co. Offaly as a waiter on the day tout brother died. There was a row early in the evening where Fr Niall and Mr Flynn were fighting downstairs. Mrs Flynn got between them to stop them. As Fr Niall was bleeding she took him upstairs to clean him up and Mr Flynn followed.While Mrs flynn was trying to clean him up the row started again. Mrs Flynn kicked and boxed Fr Niall in the room at about 9pm. Every one seemed to go away. Mr Flynn was drunk there was some heated row with both Mr Mrs Flynn at that time the casual staff were paid and told to go. Some bottles were broken in the first fight. Mrs Flynns daughter cleaned the mess up. Fr Niall was  alive at 9:30 but was bleeding a lot. Don’t forget that the Judge in charge is a friend of Mrs, Mr Flynn and he has horses in trying with Liam XXXXX at the Curragh.  wish I could help further but that is all  know.Father was a nice man i only met him at the wedding.

He was murdered in cold blood

I can’t give my name as I depend on big functions for living

A friend




Flynn family evidence

“The lack of a detailed explanation by the Flynn family about what took place at Kilcoursey House on the night of 7th/8th July 1985 has added considerably to the speculation surrounding the death of Father Niall Molloy”

Fr Molloy’s family seek new probe into tragedy


Fr Molloy’s family seek new probe into tragedy

PUBLISHED04/07/2015 | 02:30

Fr Niall Molloy shortly before his deathOPEN GALLERY 1
Fr Niall Molloy shortly before his death

The family of Fr Niall Molloy have vowed to pursue a full public inquiry into his mysterious death 30 years ago.

Writing in today’s Irish Independent, Fr Molloy’s nephew Bill Maher has told of the family’s heartbreak at the original garda investigation and court case surrounding the tragedy.

“The members of Father Niall’s family call for a full public inquiry into all aspects of this matter, including the roles played by the institutions of the State in preventing the truth from being revealed,” says Mr Maher.

“Only when this has been done will the family find closure and the cloud will be lifted.”

Fr Molloy was found dead on July 8, 1985, in the Clara, Co Offaly, home of his friends Richard and Theresa Flynn.

Irish Independent

Fr Niall Molloy – 30th Anniversary Mass on July 8th 2015.

30th Anniversary Mass on July 8th 2015

A Mass will be held in Castlecoote, Co. Roscommon on Wednesday July 8th at 8pm. It will be 30 years to the day when Niall was beaten and left to die in Kilcoursey House, Clara, Co. Offaly on July 8th 1985.
The Mass will be celebrated by Fr. Billy Molloy, Niall’s Nephew

NIALL’S PERSONAL EFFECTS from Kilcoursey House,Clara, Co. Offaly

Liam Lysaght's office

Liam Lysaght’s office




The picture shows my late brother Ian Maher putting Niall’s personal effects into his car after we collected them from a Solicitors Office in Baggot Street , Dublin. Most people don’t know that Niall had his own bedroom in the house in which he was beaten to death. It was almost a year before his personal effects were returned to us,including his Army uniform.
We were very upset to find that his clothing etc were just in a heap inside the Solicitor’s office. Not even in boxes or plastic bags. THE FINAL INSULT. The Solicitor in question took most oft the Flynn family statements and acted on behalf of Richard Fynn at the Trial. He was later reprimanded by the Law Society and fined in the High Court for his handling of Niall’s affairs. He had perviously denied ever acting for Niall and at a disciplinary meeting of the Law Society he entered the meeting with Niall’s files which he refused to hand over to the family. RTE filmed Ian and myself collecting from the Solicitor’s Office.


Niall’s furniture and personal effects from his house were removed by his parish priest Fr Jones  and the family were not allowed access to them for three months. Another insult.