Niall was beaten downstairs

Niall was beaten downstairs. He was brought upstairs to Richard and Theresa’s room and not his own bedroom which was on the same corridor. They rang Solicitor for advice. Solicitor advised them to clear the house. Aunt May was sent to bed.


Aunt May was last to see Niall alive downstairs ( Allegedly ) but surprisingly the Gardaí never took a statement from her. Also her statement was not included in the family statements handed into the Gardai by solicitor Liam Lysaght ( Who also acted for Niall )

Although May’s statement was dated 15/July /1985 it was not handed over to the Gardai until 13/aug/1985. Also her signature on statement is very different to signature she signed giving evidence at Inquest.



Aunty May Flynn’s Story

Aunty May Quinn ( Flynn ) was the oldest member of the Flynn family to reside in Kilcoursey House.

According to her  statement she one of the last people to see Fr. Niall alive on the night he met his violent death. She claims to have spoken to him around midnight. He was on his way to bed and had a drink in his hand . Niall suffered from Ulcers and a glass of milk was found beside his bed.

Aunty May clearly states that she was the last person to go to bed that night.

” I went into my room , closed the door and went to bed. I didn’t hear anything else that night ”


Niall was dead by 1:00 in a room along the corridor from May’s room. There was allegedly an argument and a violent struggle. Over the next few hours hysterical Theresa Flynn had to be restrained . Theresa also had to be sedated by a Doctor despite the fact that she had been drinking and had taken a sleeping tablet.

Aunty May didn’t hear anything.

Numerous people arrived in cars from 1:00a.m. and there were a lot of people upstairs to visit the scene of the killing.  A priest,  Doctor, family members and a number of Gardai were all up and down the stairs during the night and Aunty May didn’t hear anything.


THERE IS NO RECORD OF THE GARDAI SPEAKING TO AUNTY MAY OR ASKING FOR A STATEMENT FROM HER Despite the fact that she had not left the house all day except to go to Mass in the Morning.

Her statement was not included  in the “family statements” handed into the  Gardai by  family Solicitor Liam Lysaght. In fact her statement ( taken later) turned up at the Inquest but there is no record of when this was handed into the Gardai

At the inquest in 1986 May was on the witness stand . She stood by her statement and was asked by the Coroner to sign her statement. She obliged and as you can see  her signature in the Coroner’s Court in no way matches her original signature on her statement taken by the family Solicitor. ( see below )P1010459 2

Statements made by members of the Flynn Family

On Page 17 of the McGinn Report under the heading

3.4  Statements Made by members of the Flynn Family Mr McGinn states that ” Perhaps unsurprisingly, these statements are entirely consistent with each other”

Mr McGinn does not explain why the statement of May Quinn , a family member who resided in the house, was not included with other family statements handed to the Gardai on July 15th. There is no record of when her actual statement was given to the Gardai.

That is not so and in fact there are inconsistencies and contradictions on times and movements of people. Coupled with the medical evidence from various experts these statements are very much in doubt.

In fact there are contradictions all over the place when you compare all the statements given to the Gardai. Obviously no one has ever bothered to examine them in detail.

It is actually quite appaling that all the people  Gardai, Legal people,  & Journalists never bothered to examine all the statements in any detail at all. The exception being Gary Agnew from RTE who almost 30 years ago mentioned conflicting statements in an  Today Tonight report which can be seen on YouTube

NIALL’S PERSONAL EFFECTS from Kilcoursey House,Clara, Co. Offaly

Liam Lysaght's office

Liam Lysaght’s office




The picture shows my late brother Ian Maher putting Niall’s personal effects into his car after we collected them from a Solicitors Office in Baggot Street , Dublin. Most people don’t know that Niall had his own bedroom in the house in which he was beaten to death. It was almost a year before his personal effects were returned to us,including his Army uniform.
We were very upset to find that his clothing etc were just in a heap inside the Solicitor’s office. Not even in boxes or plastic bags. THE FINAL INSULT. The Solicitor in question took most oft the Flynn family statements and acted on behalf of Richard Fynn at the Trial. He was later reprimanded by the Law Society and fined in the High Court for his handling of Niall’s affairs. He had perviously denied ever acting for Niall and at a disciplinary meeting of the Law Society he entered the meeting with Niall’s files which he refused to hand over to the family. RTE filmed Ian and myself collecting from the Solicitor’s Office.


Niall’s furniture and personal effects from his house were removed by his parish priest Fr Jones  and the family were not allowed access to them for three months. Another insult.


Conflicting Evidence

None of the Flynn’s gave statements to the Gardai. A week after Niall’s murder they prepared statements which were witnessed by the Flynn’s family Solicitor Liam Lysaght. Liam Lysaght had also represented Niall in the past but he denied this for a number of years.

Lawyer Fined copy

Concerning the  key times of events on 7/8th July 1985 all the Flynns evidence corresponds…….BUT………..there is a conflict with what they said and all the Independent witnesses.