RTE News footage from Inquest on Fr. Niall Molloy. 1986


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Day 1. 24th July 1986


Day 2.  25th July 1986



Wedding guests not interviewed

Garda documents record that “There is no documentary evidence to show that the guests who attended the wedding  in July 1985 were canvassed or interviewed”

Gardai neither sought or were given a list of the people present during the wedding celebrations.

Did they even request to see the Wedding Video or would that have been too much to expect from the Gardai  ?

Provisional Post – Mortem Result



After 32 7ears we finally got to see a copy of this report


Provisional Post – Mortem Result

Fr Niall Molloy   PM July 85


1 subdural Haemorrage associated with bruising to right eye socket



2 Slight enlargement of left ventricle of heart associated with a mild to moderate degree of atheroma of coronary arteries – insufficient to cause death.



Death primarily the result of No 1 head injury


Pathological opinions on the cause of Pulmonary Oedema



No 2 Above might be at varience with a ‘ Cerebral Lung’ explanation e.g. inhalation of vomit , no evidence on clothes or at scene of heart disease – not severe.


Further investigation : Micropsy for evidence of hypertension


2 Neuropathological opinion on brain. Report in early August ‘85


Signed  ( Harbison’s Signature 8th / July / 1985 )