MEDIA COVERAGE 2009 – 2022

25th Anniversary

25th Anniversary



“Family seek fresh probe in priest’s death as new evidence uncovered”Irish Independent.  (23 October 2010)

“FG and Labour vow to reopen probe into killing of priest”Irish Independent.  (17 November 2010).

“Gardai quiz pair over death of priest”Irish Independent. Patricia McDonagh,(18 November 2010 )

Gardai quiz pair over death of priest

PATRICIA MCDONAGH – 18 NOVEMBER 2010TWO people who hold key information on the death of a priest 25 years ago are being interviewed by gardai to see if the case can be re-opened.Justice Minister Dermot Ahern yesterday revealed a relative of one of those present on the night he died and another person were being questioned.The revelation comes in the wake of an Irish Independent investigation which found new information to support claims the case should be revisited.Fr Niall Molloy (52) was found dead in a pool of blood on July 8, 1985 at the home of his friends Richard and Teresa Flynn at Clara, Co Offaly.Mr Ahern said the GardaCommissioner had directed a detective superintendent to meet people making representations for the inquiry to be reopened.”I understand one person has already been interviewed and the other, who is a third party and a relative of some of the people involved in the incident, will be interviewed in due course,” he said.Irish Independent

“Priest was left to die for six hours, new evidence claims”Irish Independent.  (12 August 2011).

fr molloy traynor ( 7 April 2012 )

“Justice Minister Alan Shatter to decide on inquiry into murder of Fr. Niall Molloy” (21 June 2012 )   (30 July 2012 )


“Dramatic new moves in Fr Molloy murder investigation”Irish Independent.    (20 September 2012)

(21 September 2012)

22IN001.qxd ,  (22 September 2012)

“Fr Niall: why we’ll never stop our fight for justice”Irish Independent. 22 September 2012.


“Murdered priest’s horse and paintings vanished after death”Irish Independent  , (22 September 2012)    Iish Independent , ( 15  November 2012)  Irish Independent, ( 16 November 2012)   Irish Independent , ( 19 November 2012)    , ( 21 November 2012)   , ( 22 November 2012)

” truth about Fr Molloy’s murder will rock the State”  , (22 November 2012 )

” Martin willing to meet family of murdered priest” David Raleigh, ( 24 November 2012 )

“Cover-up of priest’s murder ‘aided by State’- TD”  , ( 28 November 2012 )

The death of Fr. Niall Molloy ”  , ( 19 january 2013 )    

Shatter sickened by Ming’s ‘ moral soapbox’   , ( 7 February ) 2013  Allison Bray and Maresa Fagan   ( 7 / March /2013 )

Irish Independent 18/4/2013
Irish Independent    18/4/2013


Sunday Independent23 / September / 20102

Sunday Independent
23 / September / 20102

Article by John Drennan     3 /March /2013


"New evidence" -extract from article.

“New evidence” -extract from article.

Commissioner now has Garda report.

Commissioner now has Garda report.

Sunday 3rd. November 2013     4th/ July / 2015


Evening Herald


Shatter asked to clarify phone calls relating to 1985 murder of priest

Justice Minister Alan Shatter has been asked to clarify if phone calls to gardaí relating to the unsolved murder of Fr Niall Molloy in 1985 were recorded.

The family of the Co Roscommon priest has expressed concern over the possible recording of phonecalls between family members or their legal representatives and gardaí over the past 28 years.

The concerns come in the wake of an inquiry into the recording of calls to and from 26 garda stations since the 1980s. Bill Maher, a nephew of Fr Molloy, has written to Mr Shatter seeking clarification on whether gardaí have tapes of any such conversations relating to the killing of his uncle in Clara, Co Offaly in July 1985.

Mr Maher also requested any recordings from 1985 on, or more recently since the Fr Molloy cold case was reopened, be given to the family. In addition to questions over the initial garda investigation and the criminal trial that followed in 1986, the case has also led to allegations of a cover-up involving several arms of the State.

Last year the DPP said no charges or prosecutions would be brought after a garda cold case review in 2010. Senior counsel Dominic McGinn has now been commissioned to examine the findings of the garda serious crime unit review. However, the Molloy family are continuing to press for an independent commission of investigation and a meeting with Mr Shatter.

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THE STAR – 2010

The Star


Irish Times . 9th July 2015

Irish Times . 9th July 2015


News of The World Article by Paul Williams.5/September/2010

News of The World Article by Paul Williams.

Extact from Paul William's article

Extact from Paul William’s article

The Sunday World



Offaly Independent

Offaly Ind page 3

Gardai confirm new probe into priest’s death in Clara”Offaly Independent. ( 21 September 2012)    (16th /Nov /2012)–fr-nialls-nephew-heartened-after-leinster-house-meeting/   ( 7 / March / 2013 )

January 2015

Offaly Independent

Offaly Independent

Offaly Independent

Offaly Independent


“Inquiry called for into murder of Fr Niall Molloy” (15 November 2012 )


Justice Minister must honour promise of inquiry into Fr Molloy death – Kelly ” Roscommon Herald  ( 20 November 2012 )

” Council wants Judicial review of Fr.Niall Molloy case ”     Ciara McHaughley ( 27 November 2012 )     

“Member of Flynn family in appeal on Fr Molloy case”  Maresa Fagan ( 29 January 2013 )

Editorial    12 / march / 2013

Editorial Ros Herald 12-03-13

Double page article by Maresa Fagan  12/march/2013

Page 32

Page 33

Roscommon Herald 8th July 2014

Roscommon Herald 8th July 2014

Roscommon Herald

Roscommon Herald

Roscommon Herald

Senator John Kelly in Roscommon Herald

Senator John Kelly in Roscommon Herald

Roscommon Herald 2nd. Dec 2014

Roscommon Herald
2nd. Dec 2014

Molloy family seek Department of Justice records

  Relatives of dead priest to take case to Information Commissioner

Relatives of Fr Niall Molloy plan to take a case to the Information Commissioner seeking Department of Justice records relating to the unsolved killing of the County Roscommon priest in 1985.

The family of the Castlecoote cleric has been refused access to Department of Justice records relating to the priest, who died in suspicious circumstances almost 30 years ago.

Relatives acting on behalf of the late priest last year made a request, under the Freedom of Information (FOI) Act, for access to any records held by the Department in relation to Fr Molloy.

In November the Department released some records to the family on appeal. The records, however, only relate to 2010 onwards, which has prompted the family to take a case to the Information Commissioner.

A nephew of Fr Molloy, Henry McCourt, who requested access to Department records, said the family was left with no other option. “We feel that unnecessary obstacles are being put in our way. Some of the information that we received on appeal should have been given to us in the first instance as it related to family correspondence,” Mr McCourt said.

“We’re not being given access to records before 2010 and at this stage we feel we’ve no other option but to go to the Information Commissioner,” he added.

Another family member also expressed alarm over more recent “confusing” correspondence from the Department, which suggested that archived files had yet to be looked at.

Last week the Department advised Bill Maher, another nephew of the late priest, that the matter of records pre-dating 2010 was “receiving attention”. This is despite the Department issuing a formal decision on the FOI request two months ago.

“Why should we have to go to these lengths? Are they trying to fob us off further? Why is the Department withholding information that we’re entitled to as a family,” Mr Maher said.

He added that he would not accept that some information on file may be too sensitive to release. “Not at this stage; we’re coming up to the 30 year anniversary of Niall’s death,” he said.

The unsolved killing of Fr Molloy at the home of his friends, Richard and Teresa Flynn, in Clara, County Offaly in July 1985 has raised more questions than answers for almost 30 years and has led to allegations of a cover-up involving several arms of the State.

In 2010 the Garda serious crime unit re-opened the historic case but the two and a half year probe failed to result in any new charges or prosecutions being brought.

Minister for Justice Frances Fitzgerald and the Attorney General are currently considering a report by senior counsel Dominic McGinn, who was commissioned to review the findings of the recent Garda probe into the 1985 cold case.

The Molloy family is seeking an independent commission of investigation to examine all aspects of the case.

Roscommon Herald 28:4:2015

Maresa Fagan
Roscommon Herald

twitter: @aranliathroid

Roscommon People


January 2012

January 2012

Nephew Of Fr Molloy Welcomes Garda Recommendation For Fresh Inquiry

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Nephew Of Fr Molloy Welcomes Garda Recommendation For Fresh Inquiry thumbnailThe late Fr Niall Molloy

THE nephew of Fr Niall Molloy the priest who was murdered in Clara in 1985 has welcomed reports that the Garda Serious Crime Review team has recommended a public inquiry into his death.
A review of their investigations has been handed over to the Garda Commissioner Martin Callinan who will present it to Minister Alan Shatter.
‘I am absolutely delighted that the gardai are backing up our call for an independent inquiry. This is what we wanted all along,’ said Mr Bill Maher who believes that if a new investigation goes ahead and is ‘done properly’ it will reveal new evidence.
‘I believe justice will be done, this is quite strong the gardai are our national police force and there is obviously something they are not happy with’, he added.
It has also been reported that the Fianna Fail politician who was at the wedding of the daughter of Richard and Theresa Flynn was Brian Lenihan Sr who was the deputy leader of Fianna Fail at the time.
‘Brian Lenihan was a good friend of Theresa Flynn’ said Mr Maher. It is understood another Fianna Fail politician was present at the after party.
Fr Niall Molloy was murdered following the wedding of Maureen Flynn to Ralph Parkes. He had been invited to the after party and was beaten to death. He was left bleeding for six hours before help was sought.
Richard Flynn was charged with the manslaughter of Fr Molloy but was acquitted after just four hours by Judge Frank Roe. It later emerged that he was a close friend of Mr Flynn and should never have been allowed to preside over the case.
More controversy arose when it was discovered that vital witnesses had never been interviewed by gardai.
Justice Minister Alan Shatter called for a fresh inquiry when in opposition along with Minister for Communications Pat Rabbitte.


Sunday Times

“Cold case team finds no ‘ cover- up ‘ over priest’s death” John Mooney 2012

Brenda Power - Sunday Times. April 2015

Brenda Power – Sunday Times.5th. April 2015


Irish Daily Mail

Irish Daily Mail


Gardai want Inquiry



The Morning Show with Sybil and Martin. 19 Jan 2012

Bill Maher ( Nephew of Niall Molloy ) appeared on the show to discuss Niall’s case


RTE – Prime Time

September 2012


RTE News

Midlands 103           20/8/2013      5/ 5 / 2015  1/ July / 2015

Midwest Radio

Shannonside Radio

March / 2013

Meeting on Fr Niall Molloy case in Leinster House

Calls for action in case of Fr Niall Molloy

Witnesses to speak at special presentation

Shatter says coldcase investigation is ongoing

Justice is main drive for campaigners in Molloy case                    20/8/2013

“No public inquiry” in Molloy case

Alleged political motivations in Molloy case

Family of Fr. Niall Molloy disappointed at lack of engagement by new Justice Minister

Family of Fr Niall Molloy angry Minister didn’t tell them report on the case was complete           5/5/2015 1/july/ 2015


The Catholic Universe  2014

The Catholic Universe 5th/ Jan/ 2014

The Catholic Universe
5th/ Jan/ 2014

The Irish Independent. August 2017

The Irish Sun August  2018

    The Irish Sun . Editorial

UTV Ireland             5/ 5 /2015

Village Magazine 2015

Get on with it: reform the Garda.

Roscommon Herald 2020

Fr. Niall Molloy to be remembered at 35th anniversary Mass

Sept.22nd. 2020

Offaly Express 27 / August /2021

Offaly Express 29/ August /2021

Longford Leader 6 / September /2021

Westmeath Independent 10/ September / 2021

Irish Examiner 11/ September / 2021

The Irish Times 13/ September /2021

Limerick Leader 13/September /2021

The Irish Sun 14 /September /2021

Law Society Gazette

The Offaly Independent, April 2022

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