Statement from David Flynn

The Flynn family never contacted my family.  My cousin  Suzannah called the house the morning we heard the sad news only to be informed by one of the Flynns that there had been “an accident ”

My sister telephoned Kilcoursey and the woman she spoke to said they would call her back, she didn’t get a call.

The only public statement was made by David Flynn when he was interviewed on the RTE evening News after the Inquest. This clip has been shown on RTE numerous times over the years.It has been shown on Today Tonight, Scannal, and Prime Time.

In the clip, an RTÉ reporter asked David Flynn if his family had found it very difficult to handle the rumours and speculation surrounding the case.

He replied: “Extremely difficult. It’s very difficult, maybe, when one knows certain answers and isn’t in a position to comment. It makes it very difficult to live with.”

(You can watch this Prime Time clip on the internet at

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