Fr Molloy Inquest -13 minutes for Jury to reach verdict

The Jury at the inquest retired at 11:55 am. 13 minutes later they returned. The foreman Mr Billy Bracken read the verdict.

“It is the unanimous verdict of the jury that Fr. Niall Molloy died as a result of acute brain haemorrhage consistent with having suffered a serious injury to the head”

Fr Molloy kicked with shod foot

At the Inquest Dr Harbison said :-

” Fr Molloy appeared to have been kicked on the left side of the lower jaw and the inside of the thigh. The injury on the right side of the lower jaw lends itself to possible causation  by foot. The blow was possibly inflicted with a fist but a shod foot was more likely”


Richard Flynn testified that he was in bed and wearing pyjamas when the alleged attack took place. In bed with shoes on ?