Since 1985 a number of books have been published with sections mentioning Niall case

Book Cover

This book was launched with a lot of publicity in the Gresham Hotel only to be withdrawn a few days later???? It was passed for publication by the Publishers solicitors before it went to print. Officially it never existed. but a copy of it was for sale on Amazon a few years ago. See Below

The book that doesn't exist. On sale on Amazon

The book that doesn’t exist. On sale on Amazon


The General

Gerry O' Carroll



Sept 2006
In this book published in 2006 retired detective Gerry O’Carroll
makes reference to the investigation and trial following the death of
Fr. Niall Molloy he says on page 285
“One of the imperative maxims of our law is that “not only must justice
be done, but it must be seen to be done“. It was not seen to be done in
this instance”

Strong words from a senior Garda Detective who had access to the
details of this case.

The Sheriff
Author Gerry O’Carroll
Publisher :- Mainstream Publishing, Edinburgh and London





Frances Cahill Cover

In her controversial book about her father Martin Cahill ( The
General ) , Frances Cahill makes revelations about details of Niall’s
death , which she alleges, are contained in the DPP file which Martin
had access to.
She wrote

” My father recalled that the priest’s head had been bashed in with a
statue of a horse, information that alledgedly came from the DPP’s
file on the case”
“According to my father, the evidence in the files suggests that the
injuries sustained by the priest go slightly beyond banging ones head
on a bedpost”

Book Details ;


Author : Frances Cahill

Publisher : New Island






Published in September 2022. This Book by Maresa Fagan & Sharon Lawless gives a detailed account of events. Lots of new information not published before.

Published by Mirror Books.

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