Appeal for Material for Documentary on Fr. Niall

The producers of a 2-part RTE documentary on the death/case of Fr. Niall Molloy are looking for photos, videos or memorabilia to show Fr. Niall over the years.

Of particular interest is his time spent in the Army, based in Custume Barracks in Athlone between 1970 and 1975, with a tour of Cyprus with the 23rd Battalion from November 1972-April 1973.

He was also an accomplished horseman, and attended county shows as an entrant and judge. He took part in hunts, particularly in the midlands and west, and was Chef d‘Equipe of the Irish Pony Club team. Perhaps there are photos from his time competing in gymkhanas as a young man, right up to the Dublin Horse Show in 1984.

As a priest, he also officiated at many baptisms, Communions, Confirmations and Weddings, so maybes there are family photos of those occasions.

If you have anything you think might be of interest to the production, please contact or 087 2483464. All materials loaned to the production will be treated with the upmost care and returned safely.  

Sharon Lawless


Flawless Films

+353(0)87 2483464

Scannal! The Killing of a Priest



Scannal! The Killing of a Priest

Fr. Niall Molloy

Fr. Niall Molloy

In the early hours of the 8th of July 1985, the Gardaí were called to a house outside Clara in Co. Offaly. There had been an incident. A priest was dead, lying on the floor of the Flynn’s bedroom. There were clearly signs of violence and a large bloodstain on the carpet.
But the question of what really happened to Fr Niall Molloy that night remains unanswered to this day.

As the story broke the following day the whole country was agog and rife with rumour. Had the owner of the house – Richard Flynn, caught his wife Therese and Fr Molloy in a compromising position? Therese & the Priest were childhood friends and business partners – Was it an argument over money?

Richard Flynn told Gardaí that he had been viciously attacked by his wife and the Priest, in a row over drink. He said he acted in self-defence, striking them both, the priest at least 3 times. He was charged with manslaughter and with causing actual bodily harm. The case seemed to have the all ingredients of a salacious paperback crime novel. A true 1980’s Irish Scandal.

Richard Flynn’s trial which was expected to last several days was over in just 3½ hours! The defence counsel claimed it was possible that Fr Molloy died due to heart failure and the presiding judge, Frank Roe, directed the jury to bring in a verdict of not guilty. Flynn was acquitted on all charges.

The family of Fr Molloy outraged at the outcome, started a campaign through the media and political lobbying. Great public disquiet was aroused & there were calls for a public inquiry. This was not to happen but Alan Dukes, then Minister for Justice, promised that the coroners inquest would be a ‘sworn public inquiry’.

Where the trial took only hours the inquest took place over 2 days. All the evidence available was thoroughly sifted. Richard and Therese Flynn both took the stand during the inquest but Richard Flynn couldn’t remember anything that happened after he had struck the priest and Therese Flynn remembered nothing of a fight, nothing at all about what happened. The jury deliberated for just thirteen minutes before coming back with the verdict sought by the Molloy family laywers. They found that Fr Niall Molloy died as a result of head injuries.

Scannal looks back at this amazing story which had the whole nation talking. Who was Fr. Niall Molloy and what was the relationship between him & Therese Flynn – with whom he bought and sold horses & land. The intriguing events leading up to the killing and following it – Missing wills and dodgy insurance claims added to the mystery and whiff of scandal which never really went away. Years later even “The General” – Martin Cahill played a walk-on part in the debacle when he stole the case files from the offices of the DPP – giving rise to the publication of sensitive documents in the Sunday Independent by the late crime journalist – Veronica Guerin..

Producer / Director : Tom Kelly
Reporter: Garry Mac Donncha

Irish Justice System – it’s quite scary. Ian Maher 1986

ian Maher on 'Today Tonight', RTE 1986

ian Maher on ‘Today Tonight’, RTE 1986

” I am shocked and appalled as a Nephew, but also as an Irishman, that our system of justice can work in such a manner. It’s quite scary.”

The late Ian Maher interviewed on “Today Tonight ” i 1986