Fr Niall Molloy. Bishop Doran said……….

Bishop Kevin said “The Diocese identifies very much with the sadness and the sense of disappointment of Fr Niall’s family that, after all this time, so many questions relating to his death remain unanswered.” May he rest in peace.


Fr Niall MOLLOY, 30th Anniversary. Bishop Kevin joined family and former parishioners of the late Fr Molloy for Mass at Castlecoote.


Bishop Kevin Doran blessing the grave of Fr Niall Molloy

Bishop Kevin Doran blessing the grave of Fr Niall Molloy




Fr Billy Molloy and Bishop Kevin Doran.

Bishop Kevin Doran and Fr. Billy Molloy.

Fr Niall Molloy’s Will and the Bishop of Elphin ?

On Page 99 of the McGinn Report Mr McGinn writes

“Further, when asked about this in February 2013, the Diocesan Secretary in Sligo confirmed that the Office of Diocese of Elphin had no will belonging to the late Fr. Niall Molloy and that there was no record that such a will had ever been deposited there”

From documents we have received a Will was recorded as having been lodged by Niall with Fr. John Kelly , Diocesan Secretary, St. Mary’s, Sligo in Sept 1972.  Confirmation of this was made again in letters from the Department of Defence in 1988.will-dept-of-defencewill-dept-of-defence




NIALL’S PERSONAL EFFECTS from Kilcoursey House,Clara, Co. Offaly

Liam Lysaght's office

Liam Lysaght’s office




The picture shows my late brother Ian Maher putting Niall’s personal effects into his car after we collected them from a Solicitors Office in Baggot Street , Dublin. Most people don’t know that Niall had his own bedroom in the house in which he was beaten to death. It was almost a year before his personal effects were returned to us,including his Army uniform.
We were very upset to find that his clothing etc were just in a heap inside the Solicitor’s office. Not even in boxes or plastic bags. THE FINAL INSULT. The Solicitor in question took most oft the Flynn family statements and acted on behalf of Richard Fynn at the Trial. He was later reprimanded by the Law Society and fined in the High Court for his handling of Niall’s affairs. He had perviously denied ever acting for Niall and at a disciplinary meeting of the Law Society he entered the meeting with Niall’s files which he refused to hand over to the family. RTE filmed Ian and myself collecting from the Solicitor’s Office.


Niall’s furniture and personal effects from his house were removed by his parish priest Fr Jones  and the family were not allowed access to them for three months. Another insult.