Preliminary Post Mortem on Fr Niall Molloy

Fr Niall Molloy   PM July 8th July 1985


1 subdural Haemorrage associated with bruising to right eye socket



2 Slight enlargement of left ventricle of heart associated with a mild to moderate degree of atheroma of coronary arteries – insufficient to cause death.



Death primarily the result of No 1 head injury


Pathological opinions on the cause of Pulmonary Oedema



No 2 Above might be at varience with a ‘ Cerebral Lung’ explanation e.g. inhalation of vomit , no evidence on clothes or at scene or heart disease – not severe.


Further investigation : Micropsy for evidence of hypertension


2 Neuropathological opinion on brain. Report in early August ‘85




( Harbison’s Signature 8th / July / 1985 )


Fr Molloy kicked with shod foot

At the Inquest Dr Harbison said :-

” Fr Molloy appeared to have been kicked on the left side of the lower jaw and the inside of the thigh. The injury on the right side of the lower jaw lends itself to possible causation  by foot. The blow was possibly inflicted with a fist but a shod foot was more likely”


Richard Flynn testified that he was in bed and wearing pyjamas when the alleged attack took place. In bed with shoes on ?

Coroner’s Report – Doctor named in evidence did not exist

Coroner’s Report

On page 7 of the Coroner’s Report which was presented as evidence.
Dr. Harbison wrote under the section
“Examination of the Brain ”
” On 30th July 1985 I examined the brain with Dr. Michael O’Halloran Consultant Neuropathologist at St. Laurences Hospital”

Dr. Harbison initialled the page before it was submitted as evidence.