Memorial Mass 2018

A memorial Mass will be held tomorrow in Castlecoote, Co. Roscommon to mark the 33rd. anniversary of the death of Fr. Niall Molloy.

Niall was murdered in Clara, Co. Offaly on the 8th July 1985. His badly beaten body was found in the home of Richard Flynn. Niall had business dealings with Flynn and given him substantial loans. Medical evidence suggests that it took him a number of hours to die. His life could have been saved if he had been put in a “Recovery” position or taken to a local hospital. During his dying hours nobody even called an ambulance.

Main Flynn family witness NEVER interviewed by Gardai

One member of the Flynn family who was present in the house the day Niall was murdered was NEVER interviewed by the Gardai.

Even more bizarre is the fact that the Flynn family statements handed in to the Gardai, and referred to in the McGinn Report, did not include a statement from the family member who said she had not left the house all that day or evening.

Fr Molloy Bloodstains

The astute Parish Priest of Clara Fr Duignan was allegedly the first person to be called to the scene of the killing. In his statement he Says ” I noticed some blood stains on the carpet nearby ”


“Some Blood Stains” One blood stain measured over 8 feet long ??????


Official drawing by the Gardai of the scene

Official drawing by the Gardai of the scene

Richard Flynn “asset rich but cash poor” – David Flynn

The following is a section from the McGinn Report page 64 in which David Flynn discussed his father’s business situation


“He confirmed that , as of July 1985, his father’s business situation was that he was “asset rich but cash poor “ but that , although times were tough, he had managed to keep the various businesses afloat”





















“A label of manslaughter does not erase the fact that a human life has been taken in violence, and society views this as the most serious crime of all”

“ It would be expected that a judge in his sentencing would reflect this view. However,this is not happening in reality, and in effect, is further devaluing the victim and human life”


Above is an extract from the lecture given, by Mr Justice Paul Carney, to the Law Faculty in University College Cork onWednesday ,June 10th, 2008