Provisional Post – Mortem Result



After 32 7ears we finally got to see a copy of this report


Provisional Post – Mortem Result

Fr Niall Molloy   PM July 85


1 subdural Haemorrage associated with bruising to right eye socket



2 Slight enlargement of left ventricle of heart associated with a mild to moderate degree of atheroma of coronary arteries – insufficient to cause death.



Death primarily the result of No 1 head injury


Pathological opinions on the cause of Pulmonary Oedema



No 2 Above might be at varience with a ‘ Cerebral Lung’ explanation e.g. inhalation of vomit , no evidence on clothes or at scene of heart disease – not severe.


Further investigation : Micropsy for evidence of hypertension


2 Neuropathological opinion on brain. Report in early August ‘85


Signed  ( Harbison’s Signature 8th / July / 1985 )


Coroner’s Report – Doctor named in evidence did not exist

Coroner’s Report

On page 7 of the Coroner’s Report which was presented as evidence.
Dr. Harbison wrote under the section
“Examination of the Brain ”
” On 30th July 1985 I examined the brain with Dr. Michael O’Halloran Consultant Neuropathologist at St. Laurences Hospital”

Dr. Harbison initialled the page before it was submitted as evidence.