Reasons given for possible loss of files in Fr Niall Molloy case

1 Garda Siochana – Flooding. I would be most unusual for flooding to be able to cherry pick files and only destroy some of them.

2 DPP – File stolen by The General. The file was later recovered by the Gardai after doing a deal with Martin Cahill to release one of his associates from prison. File was given back to DPP but there is no longer any trace of it.


3 State Pathologist’s Office – No documents exist anymore. Reason given was that the might have been lost when they moved premises

4 Coroner’s Office  – There was a break in. The burgler selected a small number of files and set fire to them on a desk top. Fr Niall’s was one of the files.

Letter to Garda Commissioner O’Sullivan ( Irish Police )

6th. April 2015

Dear Commissioner O’Sullivan,

I have read and re read your statement last week following the release of the McGinn Report. I am at a total loss to try and understand it or get any real sense from it.

Can you explain how you think the McGinn report would bring “some comfort to Fr. Molloy’s family” as has been widely reported. ?

Can you explain why at the final briefing with the SCRT we were assured that they were recommending a Commission of Investigation in their report as the only way to establish the facts. Yet there was no reference to that in the McGinn report. Was it airbrushed out ?
I do know for a fact that Christy Mangan’s Secretary was seen typing up on the Molloy file again some months after the final report had been submitted to Mr. Callinan.

Was it returned to Mr Mangan’s office for alterations as has been suggested to me.

My family would also be very anxious to hear your observations on a section of the report titled “ Shortcomings in the 1985 Investigation”. People not questioned, Forensic evidence not properly examined, etc

As for vindicating the work of the review team I am glad you had the foresight to add “Some of the work “. I first made contact with a Detective from the team in Jan 2009 I approached the team with concerns regarding two murders. My Uncle Fr Niall Molloy in 1982 and a close friend Charles Self in 1972.
my family was  unimpressed by their work right from the start. In my Uncle’s case they tried to fob me off quite early on by laying the blame solely on Judge Roe.
No mention at any stage of an incompetent Garda Investigation in 1985 which seems to be the conclusion in McGinn report. In fact their whole approach was casual, not very professional and it was it was pressure from that Dail made them go back  and interview people for a second time and take statements on their second visit. A waste of time and resources..I am sure you will agree.

Regarding the Charles Self case they told me they could not discuss it with without having a gay Liaison Officer present. Please……… I am 64 years of age and I am well beyond the need of counselling on gay matters.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Bill Maher

Brenda Power on Molloy case- Sunday Times

Brenda Power - Sunday Times. April 2015

Brenda Power – Sunday Times. April 2015


Brenda Power wrote

“Molloy affair has also been a victory of sorts since the latest review has not found any reason to criticise the force for the role it played in the investigation “



On 8 April 2015 at 17:55, William Maher <> wrote:

Dear Brenda,

I have just read over your article on the McGinn report into the death of my late Uncle Fr Niall Molloy. It is obvious from reading the article that you did not read the report.
You wrote “The Molloy affair has also been a victory of sorts since the latest review has not found any reason to criticise the force  for the role it played in the investigation “
You are the only person to have reached that conclusion from the report

I suggest you read Pages 100, 101, and 102 of the McGinn Report Under the title “Shortcomings in the 1985 investigation”

Fr Niall did attend the wedding reception in Kilcoursey House as well as the lunch the following day

Please print a correction and do kindly read reports carefully before you publish opinions on them.


Bill Maher

Nephew of Fr Niall Molloy

On 8 Apr 2015, at 18:16, SM – Sunday Times, Irish News <> wrote:


Dear William,

I have forwarded your letter to Brenda Power’s personal email account.
I’m wondering if we may also publish your letter in the Sunday Times this weekend?
John Burns
Associate Editor
On 8 April 2015 at 23:31, William Maher <> wrote:

We seem to keep meeting like this. I would prefer  a proper correction and an apology. However if you see it an an easier way out you can publish my letter unedited. Last time you did this in the way of an apology you edited my letter. I am not prepared to accept that this time.
Bill Maher
On 9 Apr 2015, at 09:10, SM – Sunday Times, Irish News <> wrote:
hi Bill

I see no reason to edit it. We will publish it exactly as you have written.
John Burns
On 9 April 2015
Dear Bill,
Thanks for your email, and I can assure you there was definitely no
intention to cause your family further distress. I know this sounds
like a lame excuse, but I really did not write the line you complain
of – it was inserted in the editing process, and almost certainly by a
lawyer, as I had written a line to the effect that the Gardai hadn’t
covered themselves in glory in this case. I know you are insisting on
having your letter printed exactly as written, and I guess that is a
hit on me and on my professional reputation I will just have to take.
Kind regards,
Brenda Power
10th April 2015

Thank you so much for your reply.
You article did cause a lot of distress to my family.
The whole tone of your article was very upsetting.
We are talking here about a real life . A Murder, Not a novel or a board game. We are talking about a man , a priest, who was beaten to death in a friend’s house and left to die for a number of hours without medical help. He was alone and dying  and did not even have the comfort of one of his family to hold his hand in his final hours.
Not Agatha Christie, not Cluedo…….I hope it never happens someone you are close to. I do not know your marital status but try, for one moment, to imagine it happening to one of your children, or a sibling or simply someone you are close to.
You feel free to comment in such an uniformed and trivial way on a life taken prematurely. Niall had a right to life and it was taken from him.
As for my background I worked in publishing. I am very aware of the process where Lawyers have to “Legal “ articles before they are published and they make suggestions or demand alterations. I have never experienced a situation where they totally overwrote a sentence and  had it published  without the author’s knowledge. I think you should take it up with them . After all if The Sunday Times have printed an article,under your name and printed views which you did not write, you need to take it up with them.
However that is between you and them. The fact remains an article which carried name was extremely offensive and insensitive and not worthy of a national newspaper

Bill Maher





Sunday Times April 12 th 2015




My letter was edited despite being assured that it would not be.




13th April 2015




 My letter was edited despite what you said.
Bill Maher

Shortcomings in the 1985 Investigation

Pages 100, 101, & 102 list a series of shortcomings in the 1985 Investigation. In fact “Shortcomings” is a very tame word for what he then goes on to highlight.

There are many more suitable words I could think of to describe the Investigation.

He finishes this section  by saying  “There is a complete absence of any record of any scientific  testing of samples taken during the examination of the scene”

In simple tems the forensic team DID NOTHING

Clare daly TD mentions Niall’s case in Dáil again


There is the similar case of Fr. Niall Molloy, the family of whom have submitted freedom of information requests to the Department of Justice and Equality about the investigation into his murder in 1985. After two months the Department responded with inaccurate information and the family must appeal to seek more information. The Minister has not met them. The previous Minister appointed Mr. Dominic McGinn to look into the case, but he has not yet issued his report. We were told this would be done in the summer.

These two cases are high profile, but there are 200 other people whose case are not high profile. However, they are just as important in terms of injustice. They do not know the people on the panel and how the Minister picked them. They have no right to talk to them. Some of the documents submitted which I have seen are inadequate, but some of the people involved do not have the wherewithal to express themselves them in the clear legalistic manner required. They would benefit from meeting someone to discuss their case.”

Clare Daly TD Oct 3rd 2014

Fr Molloy Files were stolen, burnt and simply vanished.

Fr Molloy Files were stolen, burnt and simply disappeared.

Files were stolen From DPP’s Office

Set fire to in Coroner’s Office

Disappeared from Garda Offices

Disappeared from State Pathologist’s Office.

I will be going into detail on all of the above over the coming days.