Letter to Garda Commissioner O’Sullivan ( Irish Police )

6th. April 2015

Dear Commissioner O’Sullivan,

I have read and re read your statement last week following the release of the McGinn Report. I am at a total loss to try and understand it or get any real sense from it.

Can you explain how you think the McGinn report would bring “some comfort to Fr. Molloy’s family” as has been widely reported. ?

Can you explain why at the final briefing with the SCRT we were assured that they were recommending a Commission of Investigation in their report as the only way to establish the facts. Yet there was no reference to that in the McGinn report. Was it airbrushed out ?
I do know for a fact that Christy Mangan’s Secretary was seen typing up on the Molloy file again some months after the final report had been submitted to Mr. Callinan.

Was it returned to Mr Mangan’s office for alterations as has been suggested to me.

My family would also be very anxious to hear your observations on a section of the report titled “ Shortcomings in the 1985 Investigation”. People not questioned, Forensic evidence not properly examined, etc

As for vindicating the work of the review team I am glad you had the foresight to add “Some of the work “. I first made contact with a Detective from the team in Jan 2009 I approached the team with concerns regarding two murders. My Uncle Fr Niall Molloy in 1982 and a close friend Charles Self in 1972.
my family was  unimpressed by their work right from the start. In my Uncle’s case they tried to fob me off quite early on by laying the blame solely on Judge Roe.
No mention at any stage of an incompetent Garda Investigation in 1985 which seems to be the conclusion in McGinn report. In fact their whole approach was casual, not very professional and it was it was pressure from that Dail made them go back  and interview people for a second time and take statements on their second visit. A waste of time and resources..I am sure you will agree.

Regarding the Charles Self case they told me they could not discuss it with without having a gay Liaison Officer present. Please……… I am 64 years of age and I am well beyond the need of counselling on gay matters.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Bill Maher

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