Norin O’Sullivan- Statement – is this woman for real

A comment from our Garda Commissioner Noirín O’Sullivan

Garda Commissioner Noirin O’Sullivan said she hoped the report would bring some comfort to Fr Molloy’s family and it had also vindicated some of the work of the garda review team.

But she felt that, 30 years on, it was unlikely that inquiries would shed any new light.

“Some comfort to Fr Molloy’s family” . honestly what is this woman talking about ?

“Vindicated some of the work of the Garda review team”

What exactly does she mean by this statement ????

Shortcomings in the 1985 Investigation

Pages 100, 101, & 102 list a series of shortcomings in the 1985 Investigation. In fact “Shortcomings” is a very tame word for what he then goes on to highlight.

There are many more suitable words I could think of to describe the Investigation.

He finishes this section  by saying  “There is a complete absence of any record of any scientific  testing of samples taken during the examination of the scene”

In simple tems the forensic team DID NOTHING