Fr. Molloy. Email from a nephew to TD’S

“For almost 30 year, people have hidden behind a wall of silence, deceit, corruption and cover-up. Time for the light of justice to shine on them and reveal them to the people for what they are. Many, many people have gone to their graves overshadowed by this heartache.”

The above email was sent to TD’S Mick Wallace, Clare Daly and Luke Ming Flanagan by my cousin Billy Molloy. It was part of a longer email sent to the TD’s thanking them for raising Niall’s case last Friday in the Dáil during a debate on Judicial Appointments.

Mick Wallace read the above extract in the Dáil yesterday

“and bring the Commissioner with you “

Mick Wallace: “Fine Gael used to pride itself as the party of law and order. How, in god’s name, can they still stand over that. You avoid using strong legislation, in order not to seek out the truth, not to reveal it. You don’t ask, you wouldn’t ask the [Garda] Commissioner [Martin Callinan] if he actually engaged in lawful surveillance, in case you might be told something that you had to stand over, you didn’t want the answer. You wouldn’t ask G2 the same question. You wouldn’t even ask him what did it do to check to see if there’s any rogue elements in their organisations that may have engaged in unlawful surveillance. You didn’t want the answers, minister. GSOC begged for the PULSE system, after the Boylan report and annual report, you refused to give it to them, you refused to give it to them in September. You gave it to them a few weeks ago under political pressure. You wouldn’t allow GSOC look at penalty points, but you allowed [section of Garda Síochána Act] 102 but not [section] 106 [which would have allowed GSOC to investigate practices, policies and procedures] of course, under political pressure. Minister, your prime motives are political survival, your prime motives have very little to do with the administration of justice, I’m sad to say. Now, there’s so many things that have gone on in this State, for a long time, that leave so much to be desired. And minister, it was happening long before your time but I am disappointed they is still no appetite for the truth.

Gemma O’Doherty lost her job in the [Irish] Independent because she had the audacity to challenge the Commissioner, the audacity. We got an email this morning, from a nephew of Fr Molloy’s, someone that Gemma O’Doherty has done a lot of research on. Here’s what he said in it. You mightn’t want to hear it, minister. He said: ‘For almost 30 year, people have hidden behind a wall of silence, deceit, corruption and cover-up. Time for the light of justice to shine on them and reveal them to the people for what they are. Many, many people have gone to their graves overshadowed by this heartache. Minister, if you are going to stay in power and the Commissioner is going to stay in place than I think this parliament is a sham. The people are right to be cynical about politics, they’re right to be cynical about politicians. This place is a joke. We play games in here. Well, you know what? Sometimes these games lead to the unfair distribution of justice or no justice being distributed. Sometimes these games lead to people losing their lives, they lead to murders, they lead to the families not getting any justice. And what do we see so often? When bad things raise their head? We see our police force circle the wagons. We see our politicians circle the wagons. Do what it takes to cover up what we don’t want to see. Do what it takes to hide the truth. Is there any appetite for doing things any different in this house? Minister, you look up here at us and you say ‘how dare those people with their long hair and raggy jeans have the audacity’ to challenge you. Well I want to tell you something. The people of Wexford that elected me to come in here, didn’t elect me to come in here and approve of your behaviour. They put me in here to challenge it. It’s time for you to go, minister. And bring the Commissioner with you.


Fr Niall Molloy……………YES or NO Commissioner Callinan ?

The Garda Commissioner Martin Callinan has still not answered the simple question put to him in January of last year.

Did the Gardai do a deal with “The General” Martin Cahill for the return of the Niall Molloy  file which had been stolen from the DPP’s Office.

Numerous letters have been exchanged between myself, my cousin and the Commissioner’s office but we still have not been given a reply. Mr Callinan has referred us back recently to the Cold Case Unit who say they know nothing about it and it is a matter for the Commissioner to comment on.

Veronica Guerin wrote about “The Deal” and more recently Paul Williams has mentioned it in a book ,on radio and in a newspaper article


YES or NO  Mr.Callinan

Mattie McGrath TD


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“Firing of top journalist should send a shiver down our spines,” McGrath

19/09/2013 09:43:47

Independent TD Mattie McGrath has described the treatment of top investigative reporter Gemma O’Doherty as profoundly disturbing and akin to the behaviour found in totalitarian States. Deputy McGrath was speaking in support of Ms O’Doherty who was recently made compulsorily redundant from her job in the in The Irish Independent for what many have seen as her daring to question the Garda Commissioner Martin Callinan over the dismissal of a speeding fine. Ms O’Doherty is a multi-award winning journalist of the highest integrity and her investigative reporting has served to embarrass State authorities on more than one occasion:

“This is a very sinister development and one that should cause us all to worry. It seems patently obvious the reason given for her unceremonious dismissal after years of impeccable service to the paper and journalism had nothing to do with the stated motive for her sacking. I have regularly praised her work particularly in relation to the uncovering of the shocking events surrounding the murder of Fr Niall Molloy. It is most certainly the case now that the treatment Ms O’Doherty has received seems in some way to be nothing more than opportunity to silence her and close down any further revelations she might have uncovered. I find it particularly shocking that this case has received little or no notice in the national press and that in itself only makes this whole episode more disconcerting. I am not surprised to hear that many families of missing people in Ireland have orchestrated support protests on her behalf in recognition of her vital work investigating some of those cases. I would call on Mr Stephen Rae the new editor-in chief at Independent News and Media to immediately clarify the precise reasons why he felt compelled to humiliate and fire this esteemed journalist. It is crucial that the perception that is now there of collusion between figures in the media and the Gardaí is put to rest,” concluded Deputy McGrath.

19/09/2013 09:43:47

Minister Shatter Mistaken – Fr Niall Molloy case

In a reply to a question in the Dáil yesterday, from Finian McGrath T.D., Minister Shatter
replied  “I understand that the officers carrying out the examination are continuing to keep
the family members of the deceased updated on progress.”
The Minister is mistaken, this is not the case. We are NOT being kept up to date on progress
in the case. 


TD refused right to discuss murder of Fr Niall Molloy

A MEMBER of the Oireachtas Justice Committee stormed out of a meeting after he was refused permission to raise the current garda cold-case investigation into the killing of Fr Niall Molloy.

The meeting was held to hear the views of GardaCommissioner Martin Callinan on gangland crime, dissident republicans, white-collar crime, burglaries, recruitment and station closures.

However, when independent TD Finian McGrath attempted to raise the issue of the Fr Molloy investigation, he was ruled out of order by committee chairman David Stanton.

The committee then went into closed session and the gardai, media and onlookers were asked to leave.

Shortly afterwards, Mr McGrath left the meeting and the committee resumed its questioning.

Fr Molloy (52) was murdered at the home of his friends Richard and Therese Flynn in Co Offaly in July 1985 after requesting the return of a large sum of money owed to him.

The murder took place after a wedding party attended by several politicians. The priest was beaten up and his battered body placed in the bedroom of the Clara mansion.

Irish Independent