Fr. Molloy. Email from a nephew to TD’S

“For almost 30 year, people have hidden behind a wall of silence, deceit, corruption and cover-up. Time for the light of justice to shine on them and reveal them to the people for what they are. Many, many people have gone to their graves overshadowed by this heartache.”

The above email was sent to TD’S Mick Wallace, Clare Daly and Luke Ming Flanagan by my cousin Billy Molloy. It was part of a longer email sent to the TD’s thanking them for raising Niall’s case last Friday in the Dáil during a debate on Judicial Appointments.

Mick Wallace read the above extract in the Dáil yesterday

Dáil confidence debate on Alan Shatter- Luke Ming Flanagan T.D.

Luke Ming Flanagan in Dáil debate 29th.May. 2013

If the Minister intends to morally lecture the rest of us, he should be aware that the soapbox on which he is standing is resting on quicksand that is rapidly disappearing under him. Let us look at the case of Fr. Niall Molloy, a former Roscommon man of the year. When in opposition, the Minister said he was going to help that family. He is not helping them, however, and the family has told me so. The gardaí tell them one thing while the Minister tells them another, and these people are at the end of their tether. The Minister should remember therefore that the soapbox he stood on when in opposition is not on solid ground.”