Fr Niall Molloy – 30 years ago today

Fr Niall served as a Chaplin in the Irish Army

Fr Niall served as a Chaplin in the Irish Army




30 years ago today, 8th July 1985, Niall was badly beaten and left to die over a number of hours. While he was dying a number of people scarpered away from the scene while others were busy trying to clean up and cover up.


A Mass will be celebrated this evening in Castlecoote by Niall’s Nephew Fr Billy Molloy





Fr Niall Molloy – 30th Anniversary Mass on July 8th 2015.

30th Anniversary Mass on July 8th 2015

A Mass will be held in Castlecoote, Co. Roscommon on Wednesday July 8th at 8pm. It will be 30 years to the day when Niall was beaten and left to die in Kilcoursey House, Clara, Co. Offaly on July 8th 1985.
The Mass will be celebrated by Fr. Billy Molloy, Niall’s Nephew

Fr Molloy. Comment on Petition site

I attended that meeting in Castlecoote and came away with very mixed feelings – the main one being that the journalist involved seems to be on a personal crusade. Nevertheless, I agree with the sentinments in that, I would very much wish to have the person or persons involved in this most terrible of crimes be brought to justice. My mother – Fr Niall’s 1st cousin (Mary Egan – of Liscam House, Curraghboy) always spoke so highly of Fr Niall and held him in such high esteem and was positively devistated by his death. She would have been of a nervous disposition, but this almost drove her over the edge. This entire case “Stinks” to high heaven. We must and need to see justice done. Yours sincerely Teresa Donegan

Fr. Molloy. Email from a nephew to TD’S

“For almost 30 year, people have hidden behind a wall of silence, deceit, corruption and cover-up. Time for the light of justice to shine on them and reveal them to the people for what they are. Many, many people have gone to their graves overshadowed by this heartache.”

The above email was sent to TD’S Mick Wallace, Clare Daly and Luke Ming Flanagan by my cousin Billy Molloy. It was part of a longer email sent to the TD’s thanking them for raising Niall’s case last Friday in the Dáil during a debate on Judicial Appointments.

Mick Wallace read the above extract in the Dáil yesterday

Fr Niall Molloy and the Church

Intersesting  that members of the Church are now being exposed for covering up crimes.
When the Parish priest of Clara reported Niall’s death to the Police he asked them to keep it quiet.
Then Cardinal O’Fiaich made numerous phone calls to have the case suppressed.
O’Fiaich then lied to a member of my family in a letter saying he was only “vaguely aware of Niall’s death at the time”.
He started an elaborate cover up from day one. the Church threatened us with legal action when we asked them questions and the final insult was when they offered a blank cheque to stop us fighting to clear Niall’s reputation.

When the parish priest of Clara was called to give evidence……he refused. He refused to give evidence about the events during the number of hours he was in Kilcoursey. He did so on the grounds of a legal precedent  Cook V Carroll 1945.

Only a few months ago a Senator told a Public meeting in Castlecoote

“That alone, because as far as I’m concerned Father (comments directed towards Fr O’Neill) it was the judiciary and the hierarchy that were involved in this case as opposed to politicians, which it is alleged. Politicians were not involved to my knowledge and I know both sides, because Fine Gael were in power at the time [… inaudible …] the hierarchy were involved and the Bishop of Meath did say ‘Can we hush this up?’. That’s a fact and you know that too Father. But they did hush it up.”