Fr Niall Molloy and the Church

Intersesting  that members of the Church are now being exposed for covering up crimes.
When the Parish priest of Clara reported Niall’s death to the Police he asked them to keep it quiet.
Then Cardinal O’Fiaich made numerous phone calls to have the case suppressed.
O’Fiaich then lied to a member of my family in a letter saying he was only “vaguely aware of Niall’s death at the time”.
He started an elaborate cover up from day one. the Church threatened us with legal action when we asked them questions and the final insult was when they offered a blank cheque to stop us fighting to clear Niall’s reputation.

When the parish priest of Clara was called to give evidence……he refused. He refused to give evidence about the events during the number of hours he was in Kilcoursey. He did so on the grounds of a legal precedent  Cook V Carroll 1945.

Only a few months ago a Senator told a Public meeting in Castlecoote

“That alone, because as far as I’m concerned Father (comments directed towards Fr O’Neill) it was the judiciary and the hierarchy that were involved in this case as opposed to politicians, which it is alleged. Politicians were not involved to my knowledge and I know both sides, because Fine Gael were in power at the time [… inaudible …] the hierarchy were involved and the Bishop of Meath did say ‘Can we hush this up?’. That’s a fact and you know that too Father. But they did hush it up.”

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