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28th anniversary of Fr Niall Molloy’s death

28th anniversary of Fr Niall Molloy’s death

Monday, July 8th, 2013 at 5:49 pm.

Fr Niall MolloyThe cousin of murdered Roscommon Priest Fr Niall Molloy says 28 years on, they’re still waiting for justice.

On this day in 1985, the 52 year old Fr Molloy, died after being beaten at Kilcoursey House – the home of his friends Richard and Teresa Flynn – near Clara in Offaly.

A review by the serious crime team into the death of Roscommon priest Father Niall Molloy has been sent to the Director of Public Prosecution.

Officers had investigated claims that the initial investigation was flawed, that vital evidence was contaminated and crucial witness were never interviewed.

An anniversary mass for the Castlecoote priest is taking place on Sunday at Fuerty Church – his former parish.

Speaking to Shannonside News, Bill Maher says it’s very frustrating that they’re still waiting for justice.

Cold Case Unit

Cold Case Unit states they have over 207 cases on their files….yet they only show 11 names on their website. This so called elite unit of our national Police Force have been unable to update their website over the years. How are they going to get new information on old cases if they don’t even list the murders they are investigating ?

If you want to look up a case on their site….don’t bother……….. it doesn’t work. You will get an error message.

It only works if you want to search for one of the 11 names already listed on the site which would not be too difficult to find. As for the other 196 cases they have on their files don’t bother. They will not answer emails either from my experience.