This week-end in 1985

Photograph of Fr Niall at a wedding in his Parish on Saturday 6th July 1985. He was attacked and beaten within 36 hours of this photograph being taken. He was left to die for a number of hours before Gardai were called to the scene despite the fact that there were medical people present when the attack happened.

Fr Molloy – A political row downstairs ?



In a statement to the Gardai  Dr O’Sullivan said that Richard Flynn had told him ” There had been a argument downstairs, Fr Molloy came into the bedroom, I assume to thrash matters out ”

In his statement Niall’s brother Billy told of his visit to Kilcoursey hours after Niall’s death. In it he says that Richard Flynn told him “I had a terrible lot of drink taken and a political row started”


In cross examination in Court Richard Flynn denied that he told Billy Molloy that the row had been about politics.” We did not discuss politics” He said.

He also denied telling him that Fr Molloy had fallen and hit his head against a fireplace surround in the sitting room. He also denied saying to Fr Duignan that Fr Molloy had hit his head off a wall.