Fr Niall Molloy bloodstains. ( What Bloodstains ? )




Bloodstains. Fr Niall Molloy

(Photograph shows bloodstains clearly visible on the carpet beside the body of Fr Niall Molloy)


Under cross examination at the Inquest Dr. Dan O’Sullivan was asked –

192. And you saw a fair amount of signs of blood around the bedroom ?

I didn’t notice any blood around the bedroom.

193. You didn’t notice any blood around the bedroom ?




Fr Deignan said in his statement that he noticed “bloodstains on the carpet nearby”

Sgt. Ford Said in his statement ” I lifted the towel and saw that there was blood on the dead man’s face, I also noticed that his upper lip burst and there was a cut on the lower left jaw “

Sgt. Forde went on to describe blood stains he had noticed in other areas of the room.


Dr. Harbison also mentioned  “blood staining on the floor, over a distance of 9 ft”

Bloodstains and marks were also detailed by Gardai who did a forensic examination of the scene.


And Dr. O’Sullivan saw no bloodstains. ?????????

Richard Flynn was questioned at the Inquest

457. Mr. Flynn did you clean the wounds on Fr. Molloy’s face ?                         – No

458. When you went to whisper an act of contrition in his ear did you notice his face ?

– No

458. can I ask you how it is you came not to notice his face at the time ?

-Because his head was turned over on his right side and I whispered an act of contrition into his left ear.

460. Why didn’t you turn him over ?

– Because his ear, his left ear was nearest to me and I whispered an act of contrition into his left ear.


I have seen the Garda photographs of the room and of Niall’s body. It is quite obvious from those photographs that there was a considerable amount of blood present. It is also obvious that someone attempted a clean up.

We gave copies of the photographs to Minister for Justice, Frances Fitzgerald last July, She has not reponded despite promising to do so after the Summer break in 2015

Update : August 2016. Still no response from Frances Fitzgerald.

The Priest who refused to give evidence

The Parish priest of Clara the late Fr. Deignan was allegedly the first person to be called to Kilcoursey House, shortly after 1 am, the night my uncle was killed. It was  3:15 am before he notified the Gardai about my uncles death. At the Inquest a year later he declined to give evidence saying he was only doing his job and could not help the Inquiry.

In the back benches set aside for Legal teams, Mr. Thomas Menton produced a legal report on a case known as COOK V CARROLL. This case set a precedent that a a priest could claim privilege in refusing to disclose what was said to him in Confession. In this case all conversations that had taken place with people over a period of two hours between 1 am and 3 am .

When Deignan did report the death to the local Sergeant he asked was there any way it could be kept quiet.