Fr Molloy website views exceed 51,000

Today the website has reached a total of 51,000 views +

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Fr Molloy. Senator Kelly calls on Shatter

Senator John Kelly on Twitter yesterday



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Senator John Kelly Senator John Kelly
I again call on Minister Shatter to establish an independent commission of enquiry into the death of Fr. N. Molloy.
04:49 PM – 26 Mar 14

Fr. Niall Molloy. Abuse on Twitter

Some months ago this post was put on Twitter aimed directly at me by a group using the name Families for Justice @familiesforjust. They removed the offensive tweet after other people objected to it. I asked for the names of the people behind the group but to date they have not identified themselves.

Families for Justice post on Twitter

@justicefrmolloy. Justice for Fr Niall Molloy not the same as Justice for Fr Molloy

Someone is using this title on Twitter and have also added a photograph of my late Uncle Niall which happens to be my personal property ( I own the original negative) They have neither sought nor been given permission to use it.

The people behind the tweets have already been asked not to tweet using the name frmolloy which they changed last week. They have so far not named themselves .

I would like  point out that even though they may Twitter profile may look similar to this website I have no connection with them and their opinions are not mine.


Bill Maher

Nephew of Fr. Niall Molloy

@frmolloy posts on Twitter

Someone has taken to posting anonymously on Twitter using the name frmolloy. My family find it insensitive and in very bad taste to use my late Uncle Niall’s name in this fashion.

I have had a Facebook page and this site which has been going for quite a number of years and I have never hidden behind a username in my fight for Justice for Niall. I also make postings on Twitter using my own name.