Richard Flynn says ” I am the culprit ” but not arrested

Kilcoursey House, Clara, Co Offaly, 8th July 2015

In an upstairs bedroom lay the dead body of Fr Niall Molloy. There were wounds to his face and head. there was a drag mark of blood 8ft long

Shortly after 4:45 a.m. on 8th July local Sergeant Kevin Ford and Inspector Tom Monaghan interviewed a calm Richard Flynn in the sitting room. He was in pyjamas ( the second pair he had changed into that night ).

Richard Flynn said “I’m the culprit ” and he apologized for the trouble and for getting the members out of bed.

Inspector Monaghan then cautioned him Richard Flynn BUT DID NOT ARREST HIM.In fact Richard Flynn was never arrested despite making a statement that he had hit Fr Niall a couple of times.

Allegedly the only other witness to the assault was Richard’s wife Theresa. She had been removed from the house and brought to hospital before the police arrived so they were unable to question her.


Is this normal Police procedure ?