Dáil Speech Topical Issues 27/11/12 – Call for Public Inquiry into death of Fr Niall Molloy





Dáil Speech Topical Issues 27/11/12 – Call for Public Inquiry into death of Fr Niall Molloy

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I thank the Ceann Comhairle’s office. I thank the Minister of State for being present to reply to the debate but am disappointed that the Minister for Justice and Equality, Deputy Shatter, did not see fit to attend this particular debate, given its significance.

On 8 July 1985, Fr. Niall Molloy was murdered. To date nobody has been brought to justice for that murder. There is a view, which I believe is sustained by the facts, that the cover up of that murder was aided and abetted by an omertà-style collusion between the most powerful forces in the State – the senior political establishment, the Judiciary, the Catholic Church, senior medical personnel and the Garda. For that reason alone, it is imperative that the Minister accedes to the request being made by me and Deputies Phelan and McGrath that an independent commission of inquiry be established. The Minister may well reply that the case is the subject of an ongoing investigation by the Garda cold case unit. The family has communicated with the Garda Commissioner to indicate its members no longer have confidence in that inquiry. The level of mismanagement of this case by gardaí sustains their case and it is imperative that the Minister should now act on the issue.

There is an enormous amount of information in the public arena at this stage about mysterious fires in coroners’ offices, files being stolen from the Garda and deals done to retrieve those files, but we have no answers. Gardaí investigating gardaí – which in effect is what the cold case unit is doing – is not an appropriate way to proceed. It is very difficult in two minutes to do justice to the degree of mismanagement and the miscarriage of justice inherent in this case, but I urge the Minister to act. He is familiar with the facts; I have written to him on the issue. I urge him to accede to the family’s request for an independent commission of inquiry.

Fr Molloy questions strike at the heart of the criminal justice system- Flanagan




Fr Molloy questions strike at the heart of the criminal justice system- Flanagan June 6th, 2013

Fine Gael Chairman Charlie Flanagan has said that there must be no delay in the handling of the Fr Nially Molloy file by the office of the DPP after a Garda file on the case was submitted to the office by the Serious Crime Review Unit.
“Whilst I very much welcome the latest developments, the mere transmission of a file to the DPP must not be seen as a vehicle for procrastination and delay. So often in the past the transmission of a file to the office of the DPP has provided fresh hope to the families of victims only to witness their hopes dashed by unacceptable delays”
“I would ask that the review of this file is afforded immediate priory within the office of the DPP and that the review is delivered within a strict timeframe. The statements of all available parties to the case must be carefully examined line by line as this case strikes at the very heart of the criminal justice system. A number of serious questions still remain unanswered in this case.”
“It is my hope that these latest developments will provide the answers that the family of the late Fr Niall Molloy have been searching for over a long period of time. A swift response from the office of the DPP can ensure that the delays up to this point will not be repeated”

Independent review into Fr Niall Molloy’s death may shed light on this terrible tragedy – Feighan

Fine Gael Roscommon/South Leitrim TD, Frank Feighan, has said that a pending independent review of the Fr Niall Molloy case may help the family’s long search for answers since his violent death in 1985.

“I welcome the announcement by the Minister for Justice, Alan Shatter TD, that a Senior Counsel will now review the Gardaí’s report produced earlier this year into the death of Fr Molloy. As Minister Shatter has stated, the presence of an independent person into consideration of this matter will ensure transparency.

“I also welcome the fact that the Senior Counsel who will carry out this review will be asked to prepare a report which can be put into the public domain on any issues of public interest which may arise.

“This person will identify whether there are matters of significant public concern arising from this examination. It will also be determined whether any form of further inquiry, aside from the criminal investigation, would have a reasonable prospect of establishing the truth and would be warranted in the public interest.

“I hope that this independent review will help the family of the Roscommon priest in their 30 year search for answers. The family have agonised over his violent death for three decades and I hope this review can help shed further light on this terrible tragedy.”



There was a meeting with the Gardai yesterday and they informed us that the DPP has come back to them and said that based on the file submitted  by the Gardai ( Irish Police) there would be no charges.

The family are now free to continue lobbying for Political support for an Independent Commission of Inquiry which was suggested to us by Labour and  Fine Gael  when in Opposition