2 thoughts on “The McGinn Report

  1. hi Bill,I read the last page of the report first. That was sufficient. Redacted means censored.McGinn says his brief was not to establish the truth or even give an opinion.so what was he if not an ugly patch in the cover up of murder and corruption in the administration of justice? I would go on the attack on that basis and dismiss the report as a fraud and a waste of public money in the attempt to hoodwink the public once again.

    Its a long road to justice Bill but keep up the fight. You are not alone.spare a thought for the wronged people who have no means to fight and may be uneducated and unskilled.have you seen my tweets about Ian Bailey. You could join in that in the exposure of the corrupt judges. Noel

                Author of The Real Yorkshire Ripper http://www.yorkshireripper.com/author/ 

    • Noel. I have been on this full time since last week. I have had no time to follow other cases at present. I am not great either on using Twitter to it’s full potential.
      In fairness McGinn could only comment on what was given to him. He had to stick to the terms of reference which we objected to from the start.
      I am not giving up. Now that this Charade is over I have more freedom to speak out and expose.
      One good thing about the report is that I have actually got information from it that I did not know before

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