Senator John Kelly in the Senate today – Fr Niall Molloy case

Senator John Kelly: Information on John Kelly Zoom on John Kelly I was out of the country when the findings of Dominic McGinn SC were brought to Cabinet in respect of the murder of Fr. Niall Molloy. I am disappointed at his recommendation. Having said that, I am not surprised, because the only remit Dominic McGinn was given was to review a botched Garda investigation file. In his findings he said there were serious shortcomings in that investigation. To my amazement, he has recommended that no further action be taken because the time span, 30 years, is too long. There are people still alive who can bring closure to this case. Forty-three years after the fact we are still looking for answers with regard to the murder of Jean McConville, which I agree with.

  In the next couple of weeks the Minister for Justice and Equality will recommend a Presidential pardon for a Tipperary man, Harry Gleeson, for the murder of Moll McCarthy in Tipperary in 1940, on foot of a subsequently discovery that he was wrongfully hanged. The notion that we cannot do anything about the Fr. Niall Molloy case 30 years on is flabbergasting. Something very corrupt took place here, to the degree that the most notorious criminal in the country at the time, Martin Cahill, saw fit to break into the Attorney General’s office and rob the Fr. Niall Molloy file and use it to do a deal with the Garda not to extradite John Traynor, one of his criminal allies, from the UK. If that does not say it all about what is going on in this case and the corruption involved in it, I do not know what does.

An Cathaoirleach: Information on Paddy Burke Zoom on Paddy Burke Does the Senator have a question for the Leader?

Senator John Kelly: Information on John Kelly Zoom on John Kelly I ask the Minister for Justice and Equality to initiate a full commission of inquiry into the murder of Fr. Niall Molloy to bring closure, fairness and justice to the Molloy family, because to date this has not happened.

Seanad exchanges over murder of Fr Niall Molloy in 1985

There have been exchanges between the Fianna Fáil leader in the Seanad and Labour and Fine Gael Senators over a need for a public inquiry into the death of Fr Niall Molloy in Clara, Co Offaly, 27 years ago.Fr Molloy, who was 52 and originally from Co Roscommon, was beaten to death in the mansion of his friends Therese and Richard Flynn.

The matter was raised by Labour Senator John Whelan, who was standing in for the Labour leader in the Seanad, Ivana Bacik.

He called for the establishment of a public inquiry, saying there had been a conspiracy of silence and cover up involving so-called pillars of society, including in politics.

Fine Gael Senator Martin Conway continued to demand an inquiry as the Cathoirleach sought to rule the matter out of order because of the level of comment attached to the contributions.

The Fianna Fáil leader, Darragh O’Brien, pointed out that as the Senators belong to the parties of Government, they should be able to pursue it.

Later in the session, Labour Senator John Kelly also supported the call for an inquiry into Fr Molloy’s death.Independent Senator Marie-Louise O’Donnell said she too wanted an inquiry into Fr Molloy’s death.