Fr Molloy. Archbishop Diarmuid Martin replies to family

Over the last two years my cousin has sent a number of letters to Diarmuid Martin requesting a meeting to discuss Niall’s case.


On the 16th May 2012 he replied


” I appreciate your family’s grief and struggle over many years. However, i cannot intervene in a Garda investigation on the work of the Director of Public Prosecution. Such a commission of investigation can only be set up by a minister for Justice and the Cabinet ”


In 2013 my cousin got a reply to another letter he wrote when the Gardai had completed their report.


” I am grateful to you for updating me on the matter, however, it would not be appropriate for me to become involved in what is now a political decision.”


A final letter arrived dated  5th Dec 2013


” Archbishop Martin has asked me to acknowledge receipt of your letters of 18th September,3rd october and 2nd September.

Apologies about the delay in replying to you.

The Archbishop regrets that despite his sympathy for you and the family concerning the death of Fr. Niall, he is not in a position to assist you with your request. “