The Last To Know –

The Last To Know


Bill Maher a nephew of Fr Niall Molloy, writes:

My family were shocked this Sunday to read an article in the Irish Sunday Times headed “review finds no cover-up in Molloy case”. This is not the first time information has been leaked to the media. The family have already reported a previous article to GSOC who held an investigation over three months. The investigation came to an end when the GSOC said the reporter in question would neither confirm or deny that he had written the article in question. Despite the fact that the article appeared in a national Sunday paper.
Last Sunday’s article article maintains that Dominic McGinn SC’s report ” has concluded there is no evidence to support allegations of a cover-up. This report is highly confidential and is at present with the Minister for Justice who is in in consultations with the Attorney General on it’s contents. The family only heard that the report was actually finished when we read about it on Broadsheet..  Neither the Minister or her Department kept the Molloy family up to date on the progress of the report which was to have finished before the end of the summer.
We had written numerous letters to the Minister requesting a meeting with her prior to the findings of the report being made public.
The Minister has not agreed to meet us. She has however been very fast to meet with Mairia Cahill to discuss her case which happened in another jurisdiction. The Taoiseach who also will not meet with us has also met with Mairia Cahill
The Fr Molloy case is probably one of the most high profile cases in the Republic for the past 29 years. In fact it made world headlines when my Uncle Fr Molloy was found beaten to death in Clara, Co. Offaly 29 years ago.
My family are deeply insulted at recent developments, leaks to the media and a failure of the Minister for Justice to give us an update on Mr McGinn’s review.

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