Fr. Niall Molloy. Senator Kelly calling on Minister Fitzgerald to do the right thing.

” In relation to Minister, former Minister Shatter. On a personal level  I am sorry for both himself and his family that he felt he had to resign but I always believed that the Minister in certain situations was ill advised. And I know that prior to the last General election he gave a clear commitment that, if he was elected, he was going to instigate an independent investigation of inquiry into the murder of Fr. Niall Molloy, and I have no doubt that he listened to his justice officials and the Garda Commissioner and he danced around the edges on that issue and he didn’t deliver and didn’t act decisively on it.  So I will be calling on Minister Fitzgerald to do the right thing in relation to the Fr. Niall Molloy case and will do what every other colleague of hers have signed up to and has pledged that it should have happened, and it will happen and it will happen, as a matter of urgency.”


Senator John Kelly in the Seanad shorty after the announcement of the appointment of Frances Fitzgerald to the post of Minister for Justice.   8th. May 2014

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