Alan Shatter finally appoints SC to Fr. Molloy case

Statements over the past few months were made about the appointment of Dominic McGinn SC. Interviews were given and written about the appointment.

NO Appointment was made last December. Minister Shatter sent a letter to a member of my family stating that ” The Minister wishes to update you to the effect that his intention is appoint r Dominic McGinn SC to carry out this examination”

Press releases were sent to the media on the same day with similar wording. He clearly stated his” intention” to appoint Mr. McGinn. Not that he had actually made an appointment.

Having heard nothing more my family was getting concerned about the delay.

On the 11th Feb  at 15.28  I sent the following letter to the Minister.

Dear Minister Shatter,
You have made various statements over the past months about your intention to appoint Mr. Dominic McGinn SC to review a Garda report into my late uncle Niall’s death
Could you please inform my family, as a matter of urgency if and when this appointment will be made. ?
As you are aware you are the second Minister for Justice to deal with “Inquiries” into  Fr. Niall Molloy’s death and indeed we have had two Garda Commissioners during the same period.
My first contact with the Cold Case Unit was in Jan 2009.I have also had discussions with the GSOC since 2009 which also is of great concern to me in light of revelations about them in the past two days.
How much longer has my family to wait ? How many more people are going to be appointed to make Inquiries or reviews ?


Bill Maher

Nephew of the late Fr. Niall Molloy

On Friday14th. Feb. I got a reply thanking me for my email of the 12th Feb ( my email was dated 11th Feb ) and informing me that 

It took another two emails to the Department to establish that Mr McGinn had accepted the appointment and that the appointment was made on 11th. Feb 2014.

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