Minister Alan Shatter………….No reply

A letter sent to Minister Alan Shatter almost a month ago has not been replied to. A letter was sent on behalf of the family to the Minister on November the 7th requesting a meeting with him to discuss my uncle Niall’s case following his statement on Nov. 5th.

However the Department of Justice did contact a Journalist stating that the Minister was considering if it would be useful to meet the family.


A further letter was sent to the Minister on December 2nd. Below is part of that letter which also has not been even acknowledged :-


“Having considered your statement which had been provided to the media, I emailed you at the Department of Justice on the 7th of November last, seeking a meeting with you in relation to the matter, and I requested an acknowledgement of my email. To date, I have not even had the courtesy of an acknowledgement of my email, but the Roscommon Herald has since been informed by the Department of Justice that the Department had received a request from the family for a meeting and that you were considering whether such a meeting would be “useful”. Clearly the media are deemed to be more important than the family of Niall Molloy in Government circles.

I trust that you have by now concluded your consideration of the proposal for such a meeting, and accordingly I await hearing from you. ”

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