Maureen O’Sullivan T.D.

The Dáil  – 17/7/2013

Deputy Maureen O’Sullivan


The Minister of State seems to have so much confidence in the current system, which she has outlined. The Minister is answerable to the Dáil for the Garda Síochána. The Garda Commissioner is the Accounting Officer for the Garda Síochána and in that capacity is liable to appear before the Committee of Public Accounts. Whether that is supposed to inspire confidence, I am not too sure. The Garda Síochána Ombudsman Commission will carry out independent investigations into Garda conduct and the Garda Síochána inspectorate. However, that system has not worked for the people who told their stories yesterday. Neither did it work for Dr. O’Flaherty or the family of Fr. Niall Molloy. In their case, they have been waiting for over 30 years.

We need impartiality, transparency and democratic accountability. Some 15 or 20 years ago, there was a very fractured relationship between the gardaí and communities in the inner city. There was no trust in the gardaí and there were serious shortcomings in their responses to crime. The gardaí then had to demonstrate that they were prepared to be responsive.

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