Entry on Petition

07:15, Sep 17, D. Jackson, NC
I have researched reviewed studied and seen reports concerning Father Niall Molloys death.It is obvious too many unanswered question regarding the death of Father Molloy.Myself and others demand a full independent inqury.Signed D. Jackson,Amnesty International USA

01:52, Sep 18, aoife dillon, Ireland
In the event of a coroner contradicting the ruling of a criminal court, it seems bizzare that the case would not be reexamined. Scientific evidence is based on fact


14:58, Sep 18, Collette Wood, Ireland
I have lived in Ireland all my life, I trusted my Church and I felt confident that my vote would put honest caring people into the role of running our country. Please restore my confidence in Church and Government and OPEN THIS CASE, LET THE TRUTH BE HEARD,



08:28, Sep 21, David Magnier, Ireland
Incompetence breeds injustice! Reveal the incompetent and negate the injustices committed.




01:31, Apr 26, Mr. Gazeau Jean Pierre, France
Please accept all my support for truth and Justice. Jean Pierre Gazeau, President of ASSOPH





05:36, Apr 22, Mr. Pat O’Connell, Ireland
too many authourity figures took the law into their own hands on the basis of “knowing whats best”. Judges, Garda, Priests thought the “little people” needed guidence and not justice. Well wake up, because the hounds have found the fox, prosperity has brought education and awareness and we will pursue our justice to the grave and beyond



14:26, Feb 23, Mr. James Dunne, NY
My Uncle Niall was one of the finest man I have ever know. His murder was a loss to us all. As an attorney and former Judge, I know that the Irish Criminal Justice System should be ashamed. Justice was not done and the cover up continues to this day. Ireland, a Catholic country, hangs its head in shame. I pray for you.

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