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  1. I am appalled by Ireland, and not for the first time. I consider Ireland to be nothing but a banana republic – its legal system has made a mockery of justice in your innocent brother / uncle’s case. What a beautiful man was Fr Niall Molloy… What a low life the man who murdered him and what a joke of a country is Ireland ! Don’t trust Irish judges : Frank Roe’s direction to the jury should have been enough to have such a judge disbarred. We’ve seen time and again that Ireland is a dark, dark place, where corruption thrives, and cronyism is the norm: it is the island that excels in cover-up. I am outraged for what Ireland has put you through. My sincerest sympathy and I applaud your resilience in the face of such wilful corruption, incompetence and lack of integrity. Ireland has nothing – absolutely nothing – to be proud of. I hope you take Ireland to the European Court.

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