3 thoughts on “5,500 views Tonight

  1. Hi Bill,
    In July 1985 I was a young teenager who had just finished secondary school having completed my Leaving Certificate in Banagher, Offaly. I spent many times in Clara growing attending many an Irish dancing feis. My heart goes out to you and all of Father Niall Mollys extended family. Over the years I have often wondered why there was no justice for the unlawful death of Father Molly. I’m glad to see the RTE documentary air tonight and look forward to the second episode. Hopefully someone with a conscience will come forward and give a truthful account of what actually happened on the night of July 8th 1985 and give your family some comfort and closure. I will pray for a successful outcome and peace for all of your family.
    Kind Regards

  2. Great news Bill. Loads of interest out there and a hunger for justice. Alf

    On Mon 6 Sep 2021, 23:49 Fr. Niall Molloy – Unsolved Murder 1985, wrote:

    > Bill Maher posted: ” After the showing of the Documentary on RTE 1 tonight > there gas been an incredible 5,500 views to this website ” >

  3. Hello Bill,

    I watched the program last night, I think your campaign is inspirational and it was good to see the care and decency from many of ye who look like they want to do right by your uncle Niall, I am thinking of ye and I really hope that justice is done here.

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