05:02, Oct 03, Mr. D Birchall, United Kingdom
This case stinks from start to finish with Mrs Flynn claiming complete memory loss (which bizarrely didn’t prevent her from having the gall to claim under the insurance policy she’d takern out on the dead man), with the fact of the blood on the bannisters when the police were finally called not even getting an airing in the farcical trial, with Lenihan Junior swiftly penning a newspaper article praising the Judge who presided over the one-day trial, without troubling to mention the fact that his parents were best friends with the Defendant in that trial, with the DPP’s apparent preoccupation with keeping its file on the matter secret …..at any cost and with Flynn Junior’s unexplained unwillingness to give a full account of what he saw and knows. Berlusconi is only trotting after the corrupt Irish who’ve pulled out the stops to ensure that this case has never been dealt with properly. May they all be brought to justice very soon and be shamed for being the filth that they are.

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