Written question from Denis Naughten T.D.

DÁIL QUESTION addressed to the Minister for Justice and Equality (Deputy Frances Fitzgerald)
by Deputy Denis Naughten
for WRITTEN on Tuesday, 10th November, 2015.  

 *  To ask the Minister for Justice and Equality further to her meeting with the family of a person (details supplied) in July 2015, if she will report on the progress to date on the issues raised at that meeting; and if she will make a statement on the matter.

– Denis NaughtenFr Niall Molloy  

As the Deputy will be aware, I agreed to reflect on the issues which the family in question raised at the meeting referred to, and I can advise him that I expect to contact the persons concerned directly in the near future.


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Motive – Book of Evidence

Page from official Book of Evidence

Page from official Book of Evidence

As soon as Niall’s death hit the headlines I had a phone call from Athlone which informed me that Niall had visited a Solicitor in Athlone on the Thursday before his death. He made the visit with the purpose of getting advice on withdrawing form all business arrangements with the Flynn’s.

I gave this information to my aunt Suzannah Ryan who along with her daughter visited the Solicitor. Both their statements are in the Book of Evidence. The Solicitor was also visited by two Detectives but it is only in recent years that my family have discovered that no statement from the Solicitor is included in Garda files despite the fact that his dealings with the Flynn’s was considered as a possible motive.

Theresa Flynn also made a phone call to the Solicitor and asked him not tell the Molloy Family about the land deal which he had advised on.

Incredibly in our final meeting with detectives from Serious Crime Review Team I asked them what was listed in the Book of Evidence as the possible motive ? They both said they did not know. The said the would have to look it up.

Statements made by members of the Flynn Family

On Page 17 of the McGinn Report under the heading

3.4  Statements Made by members of the Flynn Family Mr McGinn states that ” Perhaps unsurprisingly, these statements are entirely consistent with each other”

Mr McGinn does not explain why the statement of May Quinn , a family member who resided in the house, was not included with other family statements handed to the Gardai on July 15th. There is no record of when her actual statement was given to the Gardai.

That is not so and in fact there are inconsistencies and contradictions on times and movements of people. Coupled with the medical evidence from various experts these statements are very much in doubt.

In fact there are contradictions all over the place when you compare all the statements given to the Gardai. Obviously no one has ever bothered to examine them in detail.

It is actually quite appaling that all the people  Gardai, Legal people,  & Journalists never bothered to examine all the statements in any detail at all. The exception being Gary Agnew from RTE who almost 30 years ago mentioned conflicting statements in an  Today Tonight report which can be seen on YouTube

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This website is still getting views  daily.There is still a lot of interest in the case and I will be adding a lot more information over the coming weeks.

Advic Memorial Day for Victims of Homicide






Niall's phptograph with other victims of Homicide

Niall’s phptograph with other victims of Homicide

Unitarian Church Dublin. 26th Sept 2015

Unitarian Church Dublin. 26th Sept 2015


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