Niall was beaten downstairs

Niall was beaten downstairs. He was brought upstairs to Richard and Theresa’s room and not his own bedroom which was on the same corridor. They rang Solicitor for advice. Solicitor advised them to clear the house. Aunt May was sent to bed.


Aunt May was last to see Niall alive downstairs ( Allegedly ) but surprisingly the Gardaí never took a statement from her. Also her statement was not included in the family statements handed into the Gardai by solicitor Liam Lysaght ( Who also acted for Niall )

Although May’s statement was dated 15/July /1985 it was not handed over to the Gardai until 13/aug/1985. Also her signature on statement is very different to signature she signed giving evidence at Inquest.



Crime Scene tampered with

The Crime Scene ( I should say alleged Crime Scene) of the Murder of Fr Niall Molloy was tampered with after the first Garda, Sgt Kevin Ford, arrived on the scene.

In a statement he made to the Serious Crime Review Team, Sgt. Kevin Ford ( retired ) said the following.


“ I have viewed the photographs and can say this is how I found the scene with one difference. I have a recollection that of the body being in a different position”
Someone moved the position of Fr Niall’s body between the time Sgt. Ford arrived and sealed off the scene and the time the forensic team arrived from Dublin to take photographs of the body.


RTE News footage from Inquest on Fr. Niall Molloy. 1986


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Day 1. 24th July 1986

Day 2.  25th July 1986