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Heather Veasey, United Kingdom
3 days ago
I thought it was just the law in England, that could be such an ass! Shame on you. …Come on Ireland, you are meant to be a proud Nation – this DOES NOT look cool – don’t be like us! 30 years, it is time for us all to be able to move on. It is not only the families that have to suffer the injustice, but all of us, when we feel that the laws are unfair – no matter which country it is, as this kind of thing happens everywhere – full of double standards by catering to the affluent and the “connected”, as and when it suits. When we have no confidence in these systems, when any of us could end up in a similar situation as this family, we all feel let down, and this negativity spreads out into the world. It is no wonder there are so many angry people out there flouting the law. The truth will always out, and it’s doubtful that this will be let go. So get with it. Be great, set an example and DO your country proud. This case deserves justice as much as any other. Especially so, as Niall Molloy dedicated his life to God – and to spread peace. And was respected for being the decent & kind person that he was. How would you feel if this had happened to one of your loved ones? Give this poor family the truth & closure they deserve, and let this poor man be able to rest in peace, at last. My God, this is disgusting.

Fine Gael need my help

14th Jan. 2016 Yesterday evening I returned home to be greeted by my local Fine Gael TD out canvassing for votes in the upcoming election. Fine Gael needs my help ( my vote ) to get re elected in 2016.


1985 My uncle Fr Niall Molloy was murdered in Clara Co. Offaly. My family felt naively that under a Fine Gael Government that his death would be investigated properly.We were wrong, very wrong.

Michael Noonan was Minister for Justice that year

1986 Was the year of the trial of Richard Flynn. He was never arrested but simply ordered to appear in Court to answer charges. The Judge ( Judge Roe ) dismissed the Jury on the grounds that Niall could have died from a heart attack. There were a lot of protests at the time regarding the trial but we were assured that the Inquest would answer many questions that for the family.

The Inquest concluded that Niall had actually died as a result of an injury to the head. Again we thought that the Fine Gael Government would do something, but no. The Minister of Justice at that time was Alan Dukes

Fast forward to my meeting Alan Shatter who gave me some encouragement when in opposition  but refused to meet the family when he became Minister for Justice.

I met with Govt. Minister Lucinda Creighton  F.G. who was my local TD. That meeting was a waste of time. And it was a vote I will not waste again in the coming election

Various inquiries were made over recent years. A review was held into those inquiries bur the SC in charge did not speak to the family. We objected to the Terms of Reference but our objections fell on deaf ears.

We asked for meeting with both Alan Shatter and Frances Fitzgerald but were refused.

In July of 2015 we were finally granted a meeting with Minister for Justice Frances Fitzgerald. We outlined our observations and objections to the review and presented her with documents and photographs at the meeting. She promised she would revert back to us after the Summer break. That was last July. She has not come back to us despite saying that she found some of the evidence we had presented “very disturbing”,

She did seem interested  when I told her that my grandfather W J Molloy served as a  Senator from 1922 – 1931.

Many of my family including myself had voted for Fine Gael for most of our lives. We were not begging them for help we just expected Justice would be done while they were in power. We expected that from them and we trusted them with our votes.


 Now Fine Gael wants MY help.

Bill Maher – Nephew of Fr Niall Molloy

Still waiting Minister Fitzgerald

DÁIL QUESTION addressed to the Minister for Justice and Equality (Deputy Frances Fitzgerald)
by Deputy Denis Naughten
for WRITTEN on Tuesday, 10th November, 2015.  

 *  To ask the Minister for Justice and Equality further to her meeting with the family of a person (details supplied) in July 2015, if she will report on the progress to date on the issues raised at that meeting; and if she will make a statement on the matter.

– Denis NaughtenFr Niall Molloy  

As the Deputy will be aware, I agreed to reflect on the issues which the family in question raised at the meeting referred to, and I can advise him that I expect to contact the persons concerned directly in the near future.