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Fitzgerald plans to publish report into Fr Niall Molloy death


Fr Molloy died in unexplained circumstances in July 1985 in Clara, Co Offaly

Minister for Justice Frances Fitzgerald    says she has asked the Attorney General for legal advice on redactions that might be necessary before the report into Fr Niall Molloy’s death is put into the public domain. Minister for Justice Frances Fitzgerald says she has asked the Attorney General for legal advice on redactions that might be necessary before the report into Fr Niall Molloy’s death is put into the public domain.

Wed, Dec 3, 2014, 18:08

An official report into the death in 1985 of Co Roscommon priest, Fr Niall Molloy, is expected to be published shortly.

Fr Molloy’s badly beaten body was found at Kilcoursey House, the Co Offaly home of Richard and Teresa Flynn, on the day after their daughter’s wedding in July 1985. Richard Flynn was subsequently charged with manslaughter but was later acquitted.

Minister for Justice Frances Fitzgerald said she had sought legal advice on the limited redactions that might be necessary before the report was put into the public domain.

“I do have that report. I would like to publish it as fully as possible. Once I have legal advice from the Attorney General in relation to any redactions that may be necessary. But I certainly would like to put that report into the public arena,” she said.

“I have received it. I have asked the Attorney General for legal advice into some necessary redactions, minimum necessary obviously, and then I will publish it. I would hope to publish it shortly.”

Senior Counsel Dominic McGinn was appointed to carry out an independent examination of facts in the case.

Fr Molloy’s nephew Bill Maher said the family wanted to meet with Ms Fitzgerald as a matter of urgency.

“We have no idea what the findings are. We want to discuss the report with her before they publish any findings,” he said.

Mr Maher said the family had sought a meeting with Ms Fitzgerald and her predecessor Alan Shatter.

The Last To Know –

The Last To Know


Bill Maher a nephew of Fr Niall Molloy, writes:

My family were shocked this Sunday to read an article in the Irish Sunday Times headed “review finds no cover-up in Molloy case”. This is not the first time information has been leaked to the media. The family have already reported a previous article to GSOC who held an investigation over three months. The investigation came to an end when the GSOC said the reporter in question would neither confirm or deny that he had written the article in question. Despite the fact that the article appeared in a national Sunday paper.
Last Sunday’s article article maintains that Dominic McGinn SC’s report ” has concluded there is no evidence to support allegations of a cover-up. This report is highly confidential and is at present with the Minister for Justice who is in in consultations with the Attorney General on it’s contents. The family only heard that the report was actually finished when we read about it on Broadsheet..  Neither the Minister or her Department kept the Molloy family up to date on the progress of the report which was to have finished before the end of the summer.
We had written numerous letters to the Minister requesting a meeting with her prior to the findings of the report being made public.
The Minister has not agreed to meet us. She has however been very fast to meet with Mairia Cahill to discuss her case which happened in another jurisdiction. The Taoiseach who also will not meet with us has also met with Mairia Cahill
The Fr Molloy case is probably one of the most high profile cases in the Republic for the past 29 years. In fact it made world headlines when my Uncle Fr Molloy was found beaten to death in Clara, Co. Offaly 29 years ago.
My family are deeply insulted at recent developments, leaks to the media and a failure of the Minister for Justice to give us an update on Mr McGinn’s review.

Leak of report into priest’s 1985 killing ‘a gross insult’



Leak of report into priest’s 1985 killing ‘a gross insult’

The family of a priest killed in suspicious circumstances 29 years ago has described the leaking of a government-commissioned report as a “gross insult”.

Relatives of Fr Niall Molloy, Co Roscommon, are seeking an urgent meeting with Justice Minister Frances Fitzgerald following a series of communication blunders in relation to a report into the unsolved killing of their uncle in 1985.

The leaking of a report into the death of Fr Molloy to a Sunday newspaper has infuriated the family, who branded it as the “final insult”.

“The leaking of this report has added insult to injury. The department has repeatedly briefed the Dáil and media before briefing the family on how the report was progressing and now we see the findings of that report leaked in a Sunday newspaper; it’s a gross insult to the family and to Niall’s memory,” Bill Maher, a nephew of Fr Molloy, said.

“It was only a week or so ago that Minister Fitzgerald confirmed that the report was completed and with her department and the Attorney General.

“It was only through the media that we became aware of that fact and now 10 days on we see the report leaked.

“It really is the final insult for the family after 29 years of campaigning for the truth and for answers,” Mr Maher added.

The report was commissioned to examine the findings of a recent Garda probe into the 1985 cold case and is expected to determine whether a commission of investigation is warranted.

In 2010, the Garda serious crime unit re-opened the case but the two-and-a-half year probe failed to result in any prosecutions.

Gardaí indicated to the Molloy family in the final briefing that they would be strongly recommending a commission of investigation to ascertain all the facts surrounding the death.

The unsolved killing of Fr Molloy at the home of his friends, Richard and Therese Flynn, in Clara, Co Offaly, on July 8, 1985, has raised more questions than answers for almost 30 years.

It has led to allegations of a cover-up involving several arms of the State, as well as questions over the initial Garda investigation and the criminal trial that followed in 1986, in which Richard Flynn was acquitted.

The leaked report in The Sunday Times has attempted to pour cold water on claims that Gardai were involved in any cover-up.

In light of the leak, the family is seeking a meeting with Ms Fitzgerald as a matter of urgency.

“We don’t see any reason why the minister cannot meet with us now out of courtesy, in particular when the minister can find the time to meet with other families from other jurisdictions,” Mr Maher said.

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1st December 2014

A nephew of Fr. Niall Molloy is calling on the Justice Minister and her department to provide clarity on a review of the garda cold case files into the death of the Roscommon priest.

The Sunday Times says the as-yet unpublished report, drawn up by senior counsel Dominic McGinn, has found no evidence to back up allegations of a garda cover up during the investigation.

Fr. Molloy was found beaten to death in Kilcoursey House, Clara, Co. Offaly in July 1985 following a wedding and to date, nobody has been convicted of his killing.

Minister Frances Fitzgerald said two weeks ago that she is considering the findings of the report in consultation with the Office of the Attorney General.

Bill Maher, Fr. Molloy’s nephew, is questioning where information concerning the review is coming.

Bill Maher
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