Fr Molloy. Growing up in Tober

“As a boy growing up in Tober, I recall this case intimately. It mirrors a dark time within the highest institutions of the Irish State which subsequently came to light…the Fr Molloy unsolved case is yet another major event that requires justice”.


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Fr Molloy case ” Stinks”

I attended that meeting in Castlecoote and came away with very mixed feelings – the main one being that the journalist involved seems to be on a personal crusade. Nevertheless, I agree with the sentinments in that, I would very much wish to have the person or persons involved in this most terrible of crimes be brought to justice. My mother – Fr Niall’s 1st cousin (Mary Egan – of Liscam House, Curraghboy) always spoke so highly of Fr Niall and held him in such high esteem and was positively devistated by his death. She would have been of a nervous disposition, but this almost drove her over the edge. This entire case “Stinks” to high heaven. We must and need to see justice done. Yours sincerely Teresa Donegan

Fr Niall Molloy. Letter from Taoiseach Enda Kenny

A letter from our Prime Minister Enda Kenny

A letter from our Prime Minister Enda Kenny

The above is the end of a letter to a family member written by the Taoiseach on 26th. Feb 2014. The reason I am not showing the rest of the letter is because it is a boring copy of the type of letter many people have had from the Dept of Justice. Blah , Blah.

The Taoiseach signs off by saying ” I have asked Minister shatter to have his officials keep you updated on this”. Well Taoiseach that never happened. We never heard from ex Minister Shatter’s officials since, or from Minister Shatter, or from you.