Fr Molloy. Archbishop Diarmuid Martin replies to family

Over the last two years my cousin has sent a number of letters to Diarmuid Martin requesting a meeting to discuss Niall’s case.


On the 16th May 2012 he replied


” I appreciate your family’s grief and struggle over many years. However, i cannot intervene in a Garda investigation on the work of the Director of Public Prosecution. Such a commission of investigation can only be set up by a minister for Justice and the Cabinet ”


In 2013 my cousin got a reply to another letter he wrote when the Gardai had completed their report.


” I am grateful to you for updating me on the matter, however, it would not be appropriate for me to become involved in what is now a political decision.”


A final letter arrived dated  5th Dec 2013


” Archbishop Martin has asked me to acknowledge receipt of your letters of 18th September,3rd october and 2nd September.

Apologies about the delay in replying to you.

The Archbishop regrets that despite his sympathy for you and the family concerning the death of Fr. Niall, he is not in a position to assist you with your request. “

Alan Shatter on Fr Molloy

Alan Shatter (Dublin South, Fine Gael)

“Could the Minister indicate to the House when the meetings that are to take place as arranged through the Garda Commissioner will occur?

Does the Minister agree that the recent revelations are disturbing and indicate the possibility that the integrity of the investigation into the death of Fr. Molloy was compromised, and second, that serious question marks arise about the manner in which the matter was dealt with at trial in the context of the judge directing that the charges be dismissed on the possibility that Fr. Molloy died as a result of a heart attack in the context of the Coroner’s Court establishing that he died as a consequence of a vicious assault?

In addition to interviewing those from whom representations have been received and additional information furnished, will the Minister ask the Garda Commissioner to examine the manner in which the original investigation was conducted because there are now substantial concerns that crucial evidence was not taken account of, and in at least one instance was not made available in the context of any prosecution that did take place? ”


DÁIL DEBATE, Wednesday 17 November 2010

Fr Molloy. Senator Kelly calls on Shatter

Senator John Kelly on Twitter yesterday



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Senator John Kelly Senator John Kelly
I again call on Minister Shatter to establish an independent commission of enquiry into the death of Fr. N. Molloy.
04:49 PM – 26 Mar 14