What happened ?……….. Four conflicting statements

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Four accounts relating to the death of Fr. Nialll Molloy were given at the Inquest. None of them matched wrote Donal Byrne in The Sunday Tribune


Important new medical evidence ignored by Gardai in 1988

New important evidence was given to the Gardai in 1988 by a leading Pathologist in 1988. It got a lot of publicity and prompted the Gardai to inform my brother that the case was been reopened. However a few days afterwards my brother got a phone call from a Senior Garda to say they had changed their minds.

Over the past two years the Gardai have been given two further reports by the country’s top Medical experts which confirm that it took Niall a number of hours to die. These medical reports conflict with some witness statements given at the time.

Report by medical expert ignored by Gardai

Report by medical expert ignored by Gardai