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Saturday, September 28, 2013


My uncle’s brain

weighs fifteen-hundred grams
the pathologist says.
grams of childhood laughter,
of being a baby brother,
of other sacred lives,
listened to and remembered,
grams of prayer and solitude.
grams kicked around by a polished shoe,
before being dropped into a silver tray
and weighed.
grams on the only scales of justice,
either he, or we,
would ever know.

©Copyright Niall OConnor 2013

@frmolloy posts on Twitter

Someone has taken to posting anonymously on Twitter using the name frmolloy. My family find it insensitive and in very bad taste to use my late Uncle Niall’s name in this fashion.

I have had a Facebook page and this site which has been going for quite a number of years and I have never hidden behind a username in my fight for Justice for Niall. I also make postings on Twitter using my own name.

” Murder inquiry has not been reopened ” – Sunday Times

In an article written by John Burns in last Sunday’s Sunday Times he wrote;-


” Much to the disappointment of Molloy’s relatives, and presumably O’Doherty herself, the murder inquiry has not been reopened. “

Parish Priest refused to give evidence

The Parish Priest of Clara Fr Duignan was the first to be called to the scene on the 8th July 1985. He stated that he could not call for an ambulance as he had to go back home to get his glasses. On the way to the Parochial House he would have passed the house of the local doctor.

Fr.Duignan spent a number of hours at the scene before he called the local police sergeant.

At the inquest he refused to give evidence as to the time he spent at the scene. He quoted his job as the reason for not disclosing what had happened.

Difficult To Quash



Difficult To Quash

False name given in evidence presented to court

Dr. Michael O'HalloranIn the report submitted by The State Pathologist Professor John Harbison on Page 7  he states that

” On 30th. July I examined the brain with Dr. Michael O’Halloran Consultant Neuropathologist at St Laurences Hospital.”

Each page of the report is initialed by Professor Harbison.



The Gardai after their recent investigation (???) were unable to explain this as all the original notes are missing.

Mattie McGrath TD


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“Firing of top journalist should send a shiver down our spines,” McGrath

19/09/2013 09:43:47

Independent TD Mattie McGrath has described the treatment of top investigative reporter Gemma O’Doherty as profoundly disturbing and akin to the behaviour found in totalitarian States. Deputy McGrath was speaking in support of Ms O’Doherty who was recently made compulsorily redundant from her job in the in The Irish Independent for what many have seen as her daring to question the Garda Commissioner Martin Callinan over the dismissal of a speeding fine. Ms O’Doherty is a multi-award winning journalist of the highest integrity and her investigative reporting has served to embarrass State authorities on more than one occasion:

“This is a very sinister development and one that should cause us all to worry. It seems patently obvious the reason given for her unceremonious dismissal after years of impeccable service to the paper and journalism had nothing to do with the stated motive for her sacking. I have regularly praised her work particularly in relation to the uncovering of the shocking events surrounding the murder of Fr Niall Molloy. It is most certainly the case now that the treatment Ms O’Doherty has received seems in some way to be nothing more than opportunity to silence her and close down any further revelations she might have uncovered. I find it particularly shocking that this case has received little or no notice in the national press and that in itself only makes this whole episode more disconcerting. I am not surprised to hear that many families of missing people in Ireland have orchestrated support protests on her behalf in recognition of her vital work investigating some of those cases. I would call on Mr Stephen Rae the new editor-in chief at Independent News and Media to immediately clarify the precise reasons why he felt compelled to humiliate and fire this esteemed journalist. It is crucial that the perception that is now there of collusion between figures in the media and the Gardaí is put to rest,” concluded Deputy McGrath.

19/09/2013 09:43:47

The Chilling Effect

The Chilling Effect